Do not make these mistakes if you are going to use PLC devices

Common failures when using PLC devices

PLC devices are very useful to be able to carry the Internet connection from one place to another in the house. Basically there are two devices and one of them we connect to the router and the electrical network, while the second we plug it into electricity at any other point. In this way the connection travels through the power line and thus we save the distance and possible walls that exist.

The problem is that many times we make mistakes when we install them. There are small details that can make it work well or, on the contrary, go really bad and the speed and stability are very limited.

Connect them to a power strip

This is certainly the most common problem with PLCs. This can happen both in the device that we connect to the router and in the other that we put in another area of ​​the house. Sometimes for ease and convenience we end up plugging these devices into a power strip where we also connect the router and other equipment.

The problem is that this can seriously affect the quality of the signal. The best is always connect it directly to the power line, to a free socket. Power strips and the like should be avoided because, even without other appliances plugged in, it will limit quality and speed.

Believe that the distance does not matter

PLC devices are designed to carry the connection from one place to another and can have a distance considerable. Now, it is not something infinite. You have to think that the further we put them, the more problems we can have.

Especially we must take into account the specifications of the PLCs that we are using, since not all support the same distance. Even electrical wiring plays an important role. Therefore, it is not advisable to connect them too far and it is something that we must control.

Many computers connected nearby

You have many connected equipment close? Of course this will influence if we have them plugged into a strip next to the PLC, but also if they are in very close plugs. This is also going to be something that affects speed.

If we think of the most optimal possible, the ideal is that each of the PLCs that we are going to use are connected to a power socket as far as possible from other electrical equipment. Sometimes this will not be possible, but we must take it into account.

The LAN cable is bad

PLC devices generally allow us to connect via Wi-Fi and also via cable. This is interesting since we can use equipment such as video game consoles or televisions that have Ethernet ports and we can plug them in by LAN cable, but also mobiles or tablets that only have Wi-Fi. The problem is that the cable we use sometimes is not the right one.

If we have a cable in bad condition or an old one, we may have speed limitations. For example, cables lower than CAT 5E, which are the ones we used to use with ADSL, will be limited to 100 Mbps. Therefore, we could not have a speed higher than that. There are always advantages and disadvantages to using network cable.

Ultimately, these are the main reasons why PLC devices work slowly. It is important that we always keep all of this in mind and not make mistakes of any kind. The goal is to be able to navigate normally.

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