Do not pay more than this for a good mobile VPN

A good mobile VPN is not expensive

We always recommend using vpn that are of guarantees and here the ones that are free do not usually enter. In many cases they can use free programs of this type to collect information from users and then sell it to third parties. It is a way they have to profit and make a profit. But they can even become a major security problem.

Therefore, the ideal way to avoid problems is to use a Paid VPN for mobile. But that does not mean that you have to make a large outlay. We can name some examples of good options such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Both work very well on mobile devices, they have many servers to connect to and the speed is quite correct.

If we see the price of ExprssVPN, we can verify that paying for a whole year comes to €8.40 each month. It is a reasonable price, but if you only need it for a specific month, as it could be if, for example, you are going on a trip and want to take a VPN, it would cost you €13.08. Therefore, that is a good metric to know how much you should pay for a mobile VPN and, as you can see, you do not need to pay a much higher amount as some offer.

Another option is NordVPN, which is also very popular and works well. On this occasion we can hire even two full years and the savings are considerable. We can get from only € 2.89 per month. Now, if you are looking for a specific month, only in that case, the most basic option is €10.49.

NordVPN price

We can also name the alternative of surf shark, which is also widely used and offers good performance. If we look at how much the VPN would cost for a 24-month contract, we see that it costs just €2.49 per month. It is the cheapest of the three, at least if we are interested in contracting the service for two years.

Surfshark VPN Price

What to consider

Beyond the price, you should look at some factors before buying a mobile VPN. One of them is that it has many servers available. This will allow you to choose the one that works best, but also to be able to connect to specific servers in a country that interests you. For example, you may want to watch content that is only available in Italy and you need a VPN that connects to that country.

You should also check if you have data limits. Some VPNs only allow you to download up to a certain amount of data and then stop working. Some have unlimited data, so they are the best if you are going to play streaming videos, for example on YouTube or Netflix.

Another point to keep in mind is that the VPN has good feedback. You can look at comments and ratings from other users to see if it will really work well, if it offers good speed and does not cut out when browsing the network. You can easily see this if you enter app stores like Google Play.

In short, as you can see, mobile VPNs are not expensive and you should not pay more than what we have shown. These three options are some of the best available and they work really well. However, you should always prevent the VPN from stopping when browsing.

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