Do not put these names on your WiFi network or you will be hacked

Wi-Fi name is important for security

It must be borne in mind that what we are mentioning will depend a lot on the router model you are using and, also, on who is trying to steal the password. Generally speaking, using one name or the other shouldn’t mean much. But there are cases where using a certain network name could result in steal your Wi-Fi. Especially by people with less experience, since there is the option, through more advanced methods, of obtaining information from the router you use.

Leave the one that comes from the factory

The idea is not give facilities to nobody. The goal is to protect the Wi-Fi network and prevent intruders. If you use an old router, you should know that sometimes it is very easy to break the password. Especially if you keep the password that comes from the factory, since there are programs that can figure it out in a matter of seconds or minutes.

But what does the name have to do with all this? If someone installs an application on their mobile or computer to steal Wi-Fi passwords, you will know which models are vulnerable. If you keep the name that comes from the factory and you have an old router, an intruder without much knowledge could try to steal the password and enter.

Put a name that gives clues to the router model

Something similar happens if you put a name that can give clues to the router model What’s wrong. Maybe you have not left exactly the same name, but you have kept the brand or the company. That could give clues so that an intruder with the same characteristics can try to try to enter the wireless network.

Again, although it is possible to know the model of the router by more advanced methods, for anyone who simply has a program installed on their mobile and seeks to break weak passwords, you could be giving clues. Therefore, try not to put a name of this type, which can show what company you are or the model of the device.

Name that relates to you

You shouldn’t put a name to Wi-Fi network to give clues showing that it is yours. For example, do not put your name, or anything similar. If you use a weak password, which is quite common, you may be using a password that has something to do with you. An attacker, knowing that the Wi-Fi network is yours, could try different combinations until he found the correct one.

The interesting thing is to put a generic, random name that does not show information of any kind that could put you at risk. Sometimes the bugs that seem simplest are the ones that can compromise security the most. You can always know if the neighbor steals your Wi-Fi.

In short, as you can see, choosing the name of the Wi-Fi network can help you improve security. However, as we always say, the best thing to protect the security of the wireless network is to use a password that is strong and secure. You should also use proper encryption, such as WPA-3 or WPA-2.

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