Do not share files in the cloud without taking this into account

Tips for sharing files in the cloud

The security it must always be present and sharing files in the cloud without taking this into account can be a problem. You could see those documents get leaked and end up in the wrong hands. Therefore, keep these recommendations in mind at all times.

Use reliable services

The first thing is that you must use services of cloud storage that are safe, reliable and do not pose a problem. There are many options on the Internet, but logically there are differences in terms of security. Not all platforms take equal care of user files.

Some reliable options may be Google Drive or Dropbox. However, there are many more cloud storage services. The important thing is that before using any of them, inform yourself well, read comments and review the entire security and privacy issue.

Prevent files from being public

You should also check that the files you are going to share are not public. That is, it prevents them from being available to anyone who might intercept that link or if the other person mistakenly sends or leaves it exposed. That could result in anyone being able to download the files you’re sharing.

Many cloud services have the option of share only with one person specific. Basically you put their e-mail, the link arrives and they can access. No other person could enter with that same link.

What files to avoid in the cloud

encrypt the files

Another point that you can keep in mind is encrypt files before uploading. You can use programs like Veracrypt or 7-Zip and thus put a password on those files in case for some reason they are exposed on the network. In this way they could not enter them and could not read the content.

This is especially useful when you are going to share sensitive documents through the cloud. For example, confidential information, company data, etc. Anything you don’t want could end up in the wrong hands.

If possible, use links that expire

Not all platforms have this feature, but whenever possible it is a good option. It basically means that you are going to share files in the cloud through a link. That link will expire once the other person has downloaded the content and it will no longer be available for a third party to download.

Sometimes you can set it to expire after a while, after the first download, the second, etc. Everything will depend on what interests you the most and the type of cloud service you use.

Always keep equipment protected

Also keep in mind the importance of always using protected devices. It is essential to have a good antivirus, which can prevent malicious files that contain any viruses. Also that they are updated, to correct vulnerabilities that can be exploited and that an attacker can steal data.

This is something that you should apply no matter what type of device or operating system you are using. Whenever you share files in the cloud you should see that you have a good antivirus and that it is correctly updated.

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