Do you use VPN? Check this for security

Using a VPN, whether on your computer or mobile, is becoming more and more common. There are many options available on the Internet and they allow us to browse with greater privacy, access blocked pages or avoid certain limitations. However, they can also be dangerous. Therefore, in this article we are going to explain What to look out for when using a VPN and you want to know that you are doing it safely.

Check if the VPN is safe

It is always necessary to know if we are using secure applications, but it is even more so when we use programs that are vital for the connection. One of them is the VPN, since our data can pass through there when browsing the Internet. Therefore, it is convenient to know at all times if it is reliable or not.

See if it leaks data

Something fundamental to know if a VPN is good and is working correctly is check if it leaks data when browsing. You can see if the real IP address is leaked when entering a website, as well as the DNS. A VPN should precisely hide this information, which is why we can browse with greater anonymity.

How to check this? The first thing is to see what your IP is. You can also do a test to see if there are leaks through DNS. In both cases you will be able to see your location and verify if it corresponds to your real one or you are browsing with the one of the VPN and that would mean that it is good and works correctly.

Make sure you have installed it from reliable sources

Of course, another important point is to check if you have downloaded from official sources. In many cases, the problems come from installing a VPN from anywhere and it is actually a fake program. They could be stealing your data, slipping in a virus, or causing your computer to malfunction.

Where did you download that program from? Make sure you have done it from the official website. You can also opt for secure app stores, such as Google Play for Android. Avoid third-party sites and pages that do not offer guarantees.

VPN when browsing with mobile data

It is updated

Another very important factor is that the VPN is correctly updated. What you want is for it to work well, without failures and also that it does not have vulnerabilities. Using the latest version is key to being able to correct any errors you may have and thus prevent an attacker from exploiting it to steal your data.

You can go to the official website and see what is the latest version available and thus compare with the one you have installed. You can also give it a manual update, so that it checks if there is a new version available and can install it.

It has good ratings

This is something that is very useful whenever we install any program, whatever it is. you can just see ratings and comments from other users on the Internet. This will help you determine if the VPN you are using is reliable or if it could be a problem that compromises your security on the network.

You can see these ratings simply by doing a Google search. But you could also go to the app store from where you downloaded the program and check what score other users give it or read comments that may indicate that something is wrong and security is not present.

In short, as you can see, you can verify if you are using a reliable program or not. VPN services can steal data and become dangerous. However, you can prevent it from happening if you verify that you use one of guarantees.

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