Do you want to use Kodi without restrictions? Try a VPN

For those of you who do not know well what we are talking about, say that the Kodi multimedia center is a software that allows us to deal with all kinds of multimedia content. Here we refer to elements as widespread as videos, Photos, music, TV channels, etc. The program is very useful both when it comes to playing them and managing them through playlists. At first we will tell you that you can try this software first hand from this link.

Similarly, something we must know is that, as is becoming more common on other platforms, control over it and its contents will depend on external factors. Specifically, we are talking about the fact that due to the Internet providers that offer us the connection, or the area in which we live, we have access to some streaming content, or to others. This is something that affects the software we are talking about here, since it works with both local and online content.

Next we will talk about one of the actions that are spreading the most when using Kodi or other similar solutions. We refer to the advantages and disadvantages of using a VPN to stream Internet content here.

Advantages of using a VPN when playing on Kodi

It may be the case that depending on the region in which we are, sometimes we will have the inconvenience that the reproduction of certain content is not possible. In this way, in principle access to certain video platforms will be impossible. But if we choose to use one VPNAs an alternative method to bypass these restrictions, it will be very useful to us. We are talking about the also known as Virtual Private Networks and it will be of great help to us when it comes to accessing all kinds of content from other countries.

It must be borne in mind that by means of a multitude of add-ons that we can find, we have at our disposal thousands of television channels from all over the globe. However, sometimes we find the inconvenience that access to certain channels that these add-ons offer us are restricted. This is due to the regional location in which we are located.

How a VPN works in the media center

The same can happen to us with certain video streaming platforms. It is for all this that by using a VPN, we get rid of annoying geographical restrictions. To give you an idea, this is achieved thanks to the fact that our PC IP address, somehow disappears in the eyes of that video platform, or TV channel.

In this way, all the activity that we carry out from the multimedia center, it will be invisible to those responsible for these platforms, so they will not be able to block us. Therefore, this opens up a wide range of possibilities, as you can imagine.

Disadvantages of virtual private networks

But not everything was going to be advantages in this sense. We tell you this because one of the biggest drawbacks that you can find when use VPN, is the performance of the connection as such. Whether paid or free, the performance of your internet connection can be greatly adversely affected. So, in this case, with Kodi the speed of access to remote content may be somewhat slower due to the use of the virtual private network.

This, as you can imagine, will be especially evident if we reproduce or access content in high definition.

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