Does your WiFi malfunction sometimes? This is what happens

Having a good Internet connection is essential nowadays. However, sometimes we can have speed problems or cuts and this happens especially when we browse wireless networks. In this article we are going to talk about why sometimes the WiFi works badly. We are going to explain what are the factors that may be present and, in this way, be able to solve it to achieve better results.

Why the WiFi sometimes does not work

When a problem is continuous, it is normal for us to think that there is something fixed that is not working well. For example, that the router is broken, that the signal does not arrive or that the equipment we use to navigate has a problem. But what happens when the Wi-Fi just doesn’t work well sometimes? That can become frustrating, since suddenly we lose connection or it starts to go slow, but at other times it works normally. There are several causes.

channel saturation

The first cause is that there is a WiFi channel saturation what do you use This is especially the case if you use the 2.4 GHz band. Maybe you live in a building surrounded by houses and your neighbors make more use of the wireless network. If the network works worse for you only sometimes, that may be because it is at that moment when more people connect and the channel is saturated.

To avoid this problem, the ideal is that you use the best WiFi channel. This will allow you to connect to a channel that is not saturated, which works better and you can have optimal performance. In addition, you can also try connecting to the 5 GHz band, which is usually less crowded.

You have more connected devices

Another reason why WiFi sometimes works worse is because of having more connected devices. Although current routers allow you to connect many devices without problems, it is still a reason that may be present. Especially it can happen if you connect to a repeater.

Having more devices connected will slow down the connection. In addition, there are also more options that they consume more bandwidth and the speed decreases noticeably and that is why problems appear.

There are intruders connecting

Do you have intruder on your Wi-Fi network? It is certainly a reason why it can malfunction. Ultimately it will consume resources and could even go into the configuration and change something to make the network worse. It is, therefore, another point to take into account if you encounter specific problems in the wireless connection.

To avoid this, it is best to protect the network. You must use a good WiFi access key, but also a good password to enter the router settings. In addition, you must see what equipment is connected to the router and thus detect intruders as soon as possible.

You use more bandwidth

You should also bear in mind that you may be consuming more bandwidth at certain times and that will affect the quality of the connection. For example, if on that device where you have problems you are downloading large files or using the cloud, it can affect the speed.

But it could also happen that this bandwidth is being consumed by other devices. For example, another computer that you have connected to the network or any device that may be consuming more bandwidth at times and that is why problems appear.

In short, if you sometimes have Internet problems, it is important that you review these points that we have shown. Perhaps one of these causes is affecting you and that translates into errors to browse the network and loss of speed.

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