Doors without lock? This is how this smart system protects your home

Home automation helps us in many day-to-day tasks. For example, we can automate things, install sensors of all kinds, save energy and even improve home security. In this article we echo an intelligent system that is used for doors without a lock. It’s basically a domotized lock, but it works differently than other similar ones. We are going to explain what it consists of and why it can be an interesting option to consider.

Smart device for doors without lock

The normal thing is that we buy a smart lock for a door that has a deadbolt. Basically what it does is replace a physical key, the traditional method, and allows us to open the door through a code, fingerprint or by bringing the mobile closer. But there is a new and different model to everything we are used to: it allows it to be used on doors without a lock.

It is a device created by schlage. It is a smart lock that is designed to work on any door, without the need for a deadbolt. You will be able to use it on any standard door in your home simply by changing it for the original lock. This is very useful as many doors are not lockable.

But how exactly does it work? What it does is allow or not to move the door lever, to open any standard of any home, depending on whether we have entered the code or not. It is a smart lock that blocks or allows the door to be opened or closed. If we don’t enter the code, if we don’t authenticate ourselves, the door will remain locked.

It really is not very different from any door with a smart lock that we are used to, but the differential point is that it works on those that are not compatible with locks. You will be able to use it in a wide range of options, basically on any door you have at home and want to protect in this way.

Detect an open door

It will be available in a few months

As we can see on the Schlage website, where you can see all the information and price of this product, it is expected to be available for spring. There are still a few months left to be able to purchase this type of product and replace traditional door locks.

Now is it really sure this product? The objective is really to use it on interior doors. For example, a door for a guest room, an interior garage door that communicates with the house, in an office, etc. By not having a bolt, physical security is inferior to other smart locks that we can find and that are more oriented for exterior doors.

Therefore, it can be interesting for certain cases in which you want protect an interior door of your house, but it is not really useful for a street door, for example. In that case it is better to use a door with a bolt, for greater security. There are many smart lock options.

In short, as you can see, Schlage is going to launch a new model to make a door smart and without the need for a lock. It is specially designed for interior doors that do not require extreme security.

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