Dune: Gale Force Nine’s board game is updated with a new makeover

Gale Force Nine announced a new version of the board game Dune: A Game of Conquest & Diplomacy, title of which the first edition dates back to 1979.

Dune: A Game of Conquest & Diplomacy is renewed again thanks to Gale Force Nine

In this Dune board game (not to be confused with the newer Dune: Imperium), we take control of one of the four factions present, each fighting for control of the mysterious spice, a precious resource that can only be found on the planet. of Dune.

We will have to send our forces up Dunes, mine spices, take strongholds and destroy enemies. The original game, released in 1979, was followed by a new version created in 2019 that took into account fan feedback on the original game.

Now the time has come for Gale Force Nine to implement it with something new which, among other things, is also officially linked to the awaited film Dune by Denis Villeneuve.

The news raised the concerns of fans of the game, who speculated that it was a simple aesthetic update aimed only at ensuring that the artwork of the new edition was in line with the film to be released at the end of the year and nothing more.

However, the publisher replied that this is not the case, explaining that it is not a republication, but a real second edition.

Gale Force Nine has in fact confirmed that the new version of the game will be based on 40 years of development, refinement and evolution compared to the classic original Dune game, and that the new Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy will offer a new board design and updated artwork (these will be more in line with the new movie), but also more spice, simplified rules and an all new Transfer Deck.

In addition, the player counter has also been expanded, as it will now offer a two-player mode, which, it is said, will allow you to play both the classic modes and mechanics of the 1979 title, but also to experience new emotions with updated gameplay.

The duration of the matches will be included between 30 and 60 minutes and the title will be available from September 2021, with a confirmed price of 40 pounds (approx. € 46.50).

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