Anno 1800 will arrive in Italian with Giochi Uniti

Good news for video game fans Year 1800, as well as the prolific English author Martin Wallace: Giochi Uniti has announced the localization in Italian of the board game based on the Ubisoft title.

When will this gdt arrive with nineteenth-century colonialism as its background? Let’s find out together.

Anno 1800 in Italian thanks to Giochi Uniti

Anno 1800 is a title we already know, as we are also lovers of both the Ubisoft video game and the author: we had in fact talked about it not too long ago in our review of the Anno 1800 board game.

The good news comes for all those who did not want to approach the German edition of the game, until recently the only one available on the market. To this he will soon put a piece of Giochi Uniti, bringing one of Mr. Wallace’s latest works to the beautiful country. It is a real “porting”, to use a videogame term, of the Ubisoft game: the illustrations, the graphic components and the gameplay very faithfully reflect the game, in a very solid, coherent and full of possibilities play experience despite a not too complex game flow.

But the even better news is that the wait for the Italian edition of the Anno 1800 United Games will be really short: the arrival in port is in fact scheduled for the end of September!

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