Enjoy your favorite music on Kodi to the fullest with these add-ons

It is true that there are many alternatives in this sense that we can use in order to fully enjoy our content of this type. Here we refer to elements such as the video, the music, the Photos, etc. Admittedly, this software we’re talking about, Kodi, is a very good proposition, as well as a bit strange. It presents us with a very own user interface and independent of the platform on which it works.

In addition, its menus and navigation through them is not what we are used to in the rest of the programs. Therefore, for one reason or another, it is somewhat out of the ordinary, and perhaps that is precisely why it is so special. Say that the program serves us, in addition to for playback as such, to manage video content, music, photos, programs TV channels, etc. In the same way we can use it with files both locally and online.

One of its strong points are add-ons or complements, elements that on many occasions have been surrounded by enormous controversy. In these lines we are going to focus on those who help you with musical content.

The best music add-ons to use on Kodi

These elements or complements, in reality what they do is provide us with an addition to the program in order to improve it in an ostensible way. This can come in the form of new functions, appearance features, or calling for certain content. There are both legal and illegal, the second type being the ones that generate the controversy. Obviously in these lines we are going to talk about legal add-ons of music that in fact the developers of the program offer us in their repository.


First of all we are going to talk about one of the most popular accessories in this sense that the kodi repository. In reality it is an add-on that by itself gives us access to a huge number of radio stations on the Internet. To give us an idea of ​​what we are telling you here, saying allows us to access more than 30,000 radio stations from around the world.

This is something that surely music lovers they will be very grateful. But that is not all, but it also allows you to search for stations by location, gender, country, city or language. Among the elections we have 115 genres, 59 themes, 94 countries, or 63 languages.


In the event that we are also regular users of the multimedia platform, Plex, it is more than likely that this add-on will be very helpful to us. And it is that sometimes we find that we handle huge amounts of videos, photos or music files. Well, Composite is a complement for the Kodi software that allows us to examine and play multimedia files managed by Plex Media Server. Here they refer to both video files, music and photos, all directly from this software.



For some time now, Internet radio has become very popular. This thanks to all the platforms, programs and services that offer us everything we need to be able to enjoy this content on our computers. But we are not only talking about live radio stations, since the use of Podcasts is also increasing significantly.


Well, now we find MixCloud that is part of the Kodi repository itself. In this specific case we are talking about a Mixcloud add-on that gives one more turn to the world of radio. From here we can access programs of radio from around the world, podcasts and DJ mixes, all on demand.


On the other hand, we are going to talk about this interesting add-on for the Kodi multimedia player. It is Ampache, a totally legal application that focuses on the reproduction of content via streaming and that is based on the web. Thanks to this add-on we will have the possibility to work with both audio and video files. Actually what Ampache allows us is to access our music and video library from anywhere.


Thus, via the web, we can reproduce the contents of the Kodi libraries, practically from any device with Internet access, all via the web.

Radio Paradise

And we return to music via online radio that we can enjoy directly from this specific program. It is worth mentioning that here we are going to find a mixture of different styles that we can choose from. In particular we refer to genres such as rock, indie music, or electronics.

Radio Paradise Kodi add-ons

Also here we can choose them from many countries in the world and we can enjoy all this legally and without any advertising from Kodi.

RNE Podcast

This is a complement that, as you will find out immediately, is focused especially on our country. The main reason for all this is that thanks to RNE Podcast, we have direct access to all the recorded contents of National Radio of Spain (RNE) directly from Kodi.

RNE Podcast

We also have the possibility of configuring the add-on so that it only shows us the podcasts of the programs that really interest us, or all those that it houses in its repertoire.

Scoot Media Streamer

Changing third, we can also talk to you in these lines about Scoot Media Streamer, another Kodi add-on that focuses on music. It is worth mentioning that it allows us to transmit content via streaming from any server SMS available on the Internet. Therefore, in the event that we have a server at home with SMS Server installed, we can use it to transmit our music to any device.

Scoot Media Streamer Kodi add-ons

It is the official Kodi add-on for all of this that we tell you about, which is sure to be of enormous use to many of you.


It is more than likely that this other proposal that we are talking about in these lines, is known to many of you, at least in terms of its name. Well, it is logical to think that, since it is a well-known online platform, now in the form of a Kodi add-on. We actually mean that SoundCloud is a streaming platform of music and podcasts.

SoundCloud Kodi add-ons

In fact, it is one of the best known alternatives of this type and that allows you to listen to millions of songs from around the world, now directly from this program.

How to access add-ons from the Kodi repository

You should know that these elements that we have just talked about in these lines, are official add-ons of Kodi itself. This means that you can find, download and use them directly from it. Therefore we make sure that they are completely legal and that their use does not pose any danger to our equipment.

But of course, it is possible that some of you wonder how you can get hold of these accessories first-hand to try them out. Well, we will tell you that there are two methods so that you can do with them. The first is from his own multimedia center. Thus, we just have to start the program and place the cursor in the section called Add-ons on the left panel of the main interface.

Kodi add-ons

At that moment, in the right pane of the window, we already have the possibility to go to Install from repository. Here we already find all the categories that Kodi presents to us in this regard, including those of music that interest us in this case. To finish we will tell you that the same Kodi add-ons that we have talked about, you can also find them at this link.

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