Eufy launches new cameras with a feature that no other brand has

Eufy cameras have always been characterized by having the latest advances in home video surveillance, and a good example of this are the new cameras that it has just presented. However, the hardware characteristics of these cameras are nothing new in the sector, because other manufacturers such as Reolink also have models with double cameras to have a wide-angle view.

New software features

For several years, the main manufacturers of IP cameras are capable of detecting people, animals and even vehicles thanks to artificial intelligence. If the camera is motorized, we have the possibility of enabling the tracking people, so that the camera moves as people move. The main feature that Eufy has launched for these home IP cameras is that, for the first time in the industry, we can now track people through multiple IP cameras. This functionality allows us to perfectly track all people, moving through the range of action of several cameras so that we can see where they are coming from and where they are going. Logically, we will need to have several cameras installed without blind spots, so that they can do this follow-up.

Only the manufacturer’s dual cameras will be able to enjoy this functionality, although it will be available soon in the fourth quarter of 2023 via an OTA update. Initially the trial of this feature is completely free, but later it will be under subscription. Without a doubt, the worst thing about Eufy cameras is that many of the features are subscription-based.

Eufy will provide the user fully automatically with a complete video with the recordings of all the IP cameras, until the person is “lost” because we have blind spots or because they have gone out of the video surveillance range. This feature is something we have never seen in a home IP camera, therefore, if you have the possibility of installing several IP cameras in your home, you could take advantage of this function to improve security. This function is carried out through the equipment HomeBase S380 (HomeBase 3)so we will have to buy it additionally.

He HomeBase S380 is a device that acts as a hub, and which can have up to a maximum of 16TB capacity, enough to record up to 6 months of video data recorded 24 hours a day, without monthly fees. This equipment is capable of performing machine learning with BionicMind, to identify faces, body shapes and also positions, and all of this locally without having to connect to any server. Recording in the hub is completely free, and we will not have any type of monthly fee.

New cameras presented

Eufy has presented a total of three very advanced home IP cameras and a video intercom, below we explain the main characteristics of each of these devices.

The home IP camera eufy Security SoloCam S340 It is completely wireless and has a battery that can operate for up to 3 months. However, by having a solar panel we can recharge the battery in the morning, so that we can have unlimited autonomy thanks to sunlight. This model has a 3K resolution and a 360º horizontal and vertical rotation, in addition, it is assisted by AI to follow the movement of people.

The model eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 It is a 3K camera with uninterrupted recording on a micro SD card of up to 128GB, it has integrated LED lighting spotlights to record in complete darkness in full color, in addition, it allows 360º rotation both horizontally and vertically, and is also assisted by AI for tracking people. This model connects with the HomeBase S380 to save all recordings locally.

This model Indoor CAM S350 It is designed specifically for indoor environments, it has 4K resolution and an 8x zoom, in addition, it has 360º horizontal and vertical movement, it also has AI to track people. Other features are that it has adaptive infrared LEDs, perfect so that the image does not “burn” too much.

Finally, the brand has also presented its new wired video intercom, the model Video Doorbell E340 It has 2K resolution, color night vision and a second camera for recognition of packages and people using AI. It has 128GB of expandable local storage, there is no monthly or annual fee to pay.

As you can see, all the new Eufy models are quite interesting, especially because they can be connected to the hub and we will not have to pay any monthly or annual subscription for local recording. The possibility of using AI to track people is very interesting, however, the brand has indicated that at first it will be free but later it will be a subscription service.

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