Factors That Determine the ERP Implementation Cost

In a general overview, ERP software can cost from 100 to about 250 per cent of the software license implementation cost. The cost includes the software license, number of users, fee renewal, training, customizations, deployment, upgrades, maintenance, and more.

Read through this article and learn about ERP cost implementation and ways to determine the entire cost.

Factors that determine the ERP system implementation cost

System architecture

Some of the ERP systems are more expensive to customize and implement because of their design, features, and the out-of-the-box modules the vendors offer. That means the all-in-one solution provides you with various features, which makes it way more expensive than using a special feature for the ERP system.

Number of users

Having many users of your system will require you to pay more for the initial license and additional money for upkeep. The larger organizations that have numerous users all across the departments may need greater functionality and customization, which may increase the cost of implementation.

Applications and the Level of customization needed

If you need more applications and customization, it means more cost for doing that. For some industry verticals, you may encounter complex requirements. For instance, an accounting department will most likely require fewer applications and customizations than a chemical manufacturer. For this reason, it is therefore vital to be on the lookout for what your firm needs. Besides, there could be discounts when it comes to the use of cloud applications over the premise options. A good example is the erp software australia that moved their software-as-a-service and provided a discount on migration services and lower pricing.


If you have an old propriety system, there are chances it will cost you more to migrate your business information to a new ERP system. But this may be the upfront cost that you will likely recover with time. For that reason, it is advisable to talk with the vendor concerned regarding the perceived benefits regardless of short or long terms.

Best ways you can employ to figure out the cost of ERP system

There are different tools used to help to begin doing price estimation. But this is just an estimation of the cost, not the exact amount you can use. Different vendors charge differently for various services depending on their rates. Read through to learn some crucial ways that will help you know the cost of the ERP system.

  • Shortlist vendors alongside demo software. Here you need to understand the market carefully and know the best options you should consider to fit your needs.
  • Check if the shortlisted solutions lie within your budget. This is one of the best demos many vendors use to negotiate their best price implementation. This is because while at it, the cost per user may not always become possible, while other factors could be.
  • Visit an advisor for more information. For instance, if you talk to the advisors for the erp software australia, they will offer you the best yet detailed information on different vendors and pricing.

In establishing a budget for technology consultants, one needs to camp on the project for the entire process. That way, you can know things to consider and avoid regarding the cost used in ERP software systems for an organization.

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