Forget the house keys, open the door with password

How the password lock works

What does it mean to have a lock with code or password? Basically it is as its name indicates: instead of having to open with a key, you will be able to use a series of digits. It is something like the PIN to withdraw money from the ATM, enter your bank account with your mobile, etc. In this case, it is something more physical to be able to open a door.

The most basic thing we can say is just that, a code that you can put in the lock to open or close a door. It acts in the same way as a physical key and will allow a home to be protected from possible intruders who want to access the interior without permission.

But there are more sophisticated models that have more utilities. For example, there are those that beyond using a password to open the lock, you can use your own fingerprint. In the same way that you can enter the mail or social networks on your mobile by putting your finger, you can access your home.

Some also allow you to use a small NFC device which stores the password. In this way, instead of having to enter the code manually, you would simply have to pass that card, generally circular and with a ring to carry on the keyring, through the reader. Automatically the door would open the same as if you put the password.

Advantages of smart locks

Of course, using smart or password locks is going to have certain advantages. We are going to show some of the main ones so you can see what you could get if you decide to acquire a device of this type instead of continuing to use traditional locks with physical keys.


The first thing is security. If you buy a good smart lock, security will be guaranteed. We are not only talking about the fact that you are going to be able to close the door with a key, something reliable, but that you are going to avoid old locks that may be easier to open by any intruder who had the necessary knowledge.

Therefore, one of the advantages is going to be security. It is undoubtedly a very important factor and the reason why many users will choose to domotize their home. Of course, you should always configure the lock correctly and not make mistakes.

Control with the mobile

Another positive point is that you will be able to control the lock from the mobile. Being smart, you will be able to interact with the device remotely. It does not matter if you are at home or away, since it will connect via Wi-Fi, in case it has this compatibility, and you will be able to access the configuration and control.

This is also a security factor, since in case it detects any problem you can receive a message on your mobile. For example opening attempt or even see when it has been opened. One more way to control access to your home.


We must also mention the comfort. The fact that you can manage the lock from your mobile allows you to open the door without having to go to it. If, for example, you expect visitors and they have rang the bell, you can activate the button so that it opens even if you are several meters away, in another place in the house.

But we can even go further and talk about being able to open the door from anywhere in the world. Just by activating the button from the mobile, the smart lock can be opened. Think, for example, of a family member who has forgotten the keys inside or does not remember the password; simply with your mobile you will be able to open wherever you are.

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