Get the most out of your WiFi bulbs and lights with these tricks

Home automation plays an increasingly important role in today’s homes. It allows you to control devices, automate tasks or even save on electricity bills. In this article we are going to focus on explaining how we can use Wi-Fi bulbs wisely and take advantage of some features they have. They are very useful devices and one of the first that we use when we start to automatize a home.

Clever uses of a Wi-Fi bulb

The wifi bulbs We can control them from the mobile, such as turning them off and on, but we can also automate certain tasks. An example is that they can light up when we enter a room. You will see that there are some interesting features that you can take advantage of.

sync with music

One of the uses that you can give to smart light bulbs is synchronize them with the music. Those that are compatible with virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google Home, in many cases also allow them to be linked with music. What they do is change color, blink, etc. They adapt to the music that sounds at all times.

This is something interesting especially if you are going to mount multiple Wi-Fi bulbs somewhere. You will be able to synchronize them with the music of another device and change color.

detect movements

Some models of smart bulbs also allow you to detect movements. They will have a motion sensor integrated. If, for example, you enter a room where these bulbs are installed, they will light up. When they detect that you have left, they will turn off. It is something that over time we will see in more models.

This feature is very useful to save energy. We do not need to have them on longer than really necessary. They will turn on or off depending on what we need at any given time.

Adjust the brightness

Another feature that smart light bulbs have and that we can take advantage of is being able to adjust the brightness. They will adapt depending on the situation. For example, it is not the same if sunlight enters through the window than at night. It is also not the same if we are reading or simply watching television.

Therefore, another smarter use of Wi-Fi bulbs is to be able to adjust the brightness. In this way we will also be able to save energy. We are not going to always consume the same electricity and it will adapt depending on the circumstances. One more way to lower the electricity bill.

Control them by voice

You can also control light bulbs through the voice. Just as you can turn them on and off from your mobile, you will be able to do it simply through voice commands. You will be able to use this function with Wi-Fi bulbs that can be linked to devices such as Alexa or Google Home.

Why is this feature interesting? Take, for example, the situation of having your hands full with some boxes and having to enter a dark room. Simply by using voice commands you can turn on the light bulbs and you won’t have to leave those boxes on the floor and manually flip the switch.

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