What are Google Play Points, why you need and how does it work?

Google Play is not only and not so much an app store, but the basis of the real ecosystem itself. Just imagine how many services and initiatives use their name on their own. There’s Google Play Games, Google Play Books, and the late Google Play Music. And then there’s Google Play Services and the Google Play Pass subscription, to which another product was added relatively recently. It turned out to be Google Play Points, which Google launched about a year and a half ago and now promotes around the world. Let’s examine what it is and, most importantly, why it is needed.

Google Play Points is a loyalty program from Google that allows you to get cashback for purchases on Google Play. It, like any loyalty program from banks, is focused on increasing purchases by creating a competitive aspect. Simply, customers will almost certainly want a bigger refund, and they’ll buy items more actively.

What are Google Play Points, why you need and how does it work?
Google Play Points are awarded for different purchases, and sometimes just like that.

How Google Play Points works

Cashback is awarded in the form of Play Points, which are points that can only be spent on Google Play. By default, it is equal to 1%, with the possibility of upgrading depending on the level of the user: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. As these are reached, the rebate increases not very much, from 1% to 1.4%. However, from time to time users are invited to participate in the promotion, receiving 3-4 or even 5 points for each dollar spent.

However, sometimes points are awarded not only for purchases, but also for the fact of downloading. This practice applies to free applications, which Google for one reason or another begins to promote. There is no need to search for them manually, because all the special offers are listed in a special section in Google Play.

In addition to increasing the amount of cashback, users at the top levels are offered up to 5 times the refund for buying movies, as well as a bonus of 500 points weekly. In addition, sometimes developers themselves can arrange a kind of sale, giving users increased refunds for certain types of in-app purchases.

How to get paid applications on Google Play for free
Points can be used to pay for any purchases and even donate.

How to get paid applications on Google Play for free

You can spend points not only on apps, but also on any content that is available in the catalog assortment. For example, books, movies, music, audiobooks, previously exchanging 100 points for $1. You can also send points as donations, such as to the World Wildlife Fund or the World Food Program.

As of January 2021, Google Play Points does not work in all countries. Although Google is actively expanding the program, making it available in 13 more countries this week. Consequently, we have no opportunity to receive the cashback, although another initiative called Google Play Pass has been working for us since last year. So I have every reason to believe that the loyalty program will soon reach us.

Overall, Google Play Points may indeed become a serious reason for increased purchases and a kind of alternative to Google Play Pass. After all, there are many users who prefer not to pay a regular subscription for access to a large assortment of apps, but to buy them on an as-needed basis. It would be very convenient for them to get a small refund so that they can spend their accumulated points instead of their own money.

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