Gundam Evolution: Mobile Suit’s free-to-play first-person shooter arrives

Is called Gundam Evolution and is a new first person shooter game based on the Sunrise Mobile Suite saga.

The announcement came from Bandai Namco Online with the release of a trailer and revealing that the title will launch next year “in more countries and regions of the world”.

Gundam Evolution, the Overwatch of the Mobile Suit saga

Gundam Evolution will be available on Microsoft Windows 10, with the staff of developers who currently only contemplate the 64-bit version of the operating system of the Redmond house.

The game will be free-to-play, with the ability to purchase items and cosmetic items, and will see players at the controls of different Mobile Suits, each with their own unique abilities, become the protagonists of fast and engaging 6 vs 6 online battles.

The game’s website lists 12 different mobile suits available so far:

  • Gundam
  • Zaku II
  • Sazabi
  • GM Sniper II
  • Dom Trooper
  • Guntank
  • Pale Rider
  • Gundam Barbatos
  • Methuss
  • Asshimar
  • Turn-A Gundam
  • GM

The company will hold a closed beta test for PC users in Japan on August 8 and 9 with the game’s official website accepting a maximum of 5,000 submissions.

More information on Gundam Evolution will arrive on Saturday, July 17, 2021, when a special will air that will reveal other features of this new shooter.

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