Half Life 2: the remastered collection made by fans is in the works

The game that has kept thousands of gamers glued to the screen of an entire generation is about to return, with a remastered collection created by fans for Half Life 2, Valve approved.

As happened with Black Mesa, too Half Life 2 will be revived thanks to the work of fans of the game who are recreating the entire shooter with graphics in step with the times.

A group of fans at work on the Half Life 2 remastered collection

Reference point for many future games and soon became a standard for its immersion, graphics and story, Half Life 2 he has created around himself an active community that is still passionate about the Valve video game.

Released in 2004, over the years it has seen countless fan-made projects and mods, as well as some official expansions released in the form of episodes.

The last game released by Valve set in this universe was Half Life: Alyx, a VR adventure located between the first chapter and the second. If for years many rumors have been talking about the arrival of Half Life 3, at the moment we can console ourselves with the news that a group of fans is working on a renewed version of Half Life 2, a design approved directly by Valve.

Tyler McVicket, digging into the Steam database, found that the developer team that 6 years ago had made an update for Half Life 2 called “Update Mod“Is now working on an official remaster version of the video game, as we read from his post on Twitter:

According to the development posts on Steam, this project has been in the works for about a year and it is likely that this remaster of Half Life 2 will run on an updated version of the Source 1 graphics engine, which underpins almost all Valve games.

As it happened for Black Mesa, remastered version of Half Life 1, Valve continues to support projects made by the community. While in many cases companies tend to stop such projects for copyright infringement, the company of Gabe Newell it goes in the opposite direction, helping and enhancing their work. A situation that cannot fail to make the large community behind Half Life happy.

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