How a Staffing Agency Works

Employment agencies promise to help you find work, but like any business, they need to make money. You may not know it, but employment agencies keep part of your salary, which means that by accepting a job through them, you will earn less money. Let’s see how employment agencies work and if they really are a good idea.

What to Expect

Usually, a job agency works like this:

Several companies need new workers and hire an employment agency to choose candidates. The employment agency would qualify applicants for the job based on their requirements and place them based on the availability of their jobs. If the staffing agency such as is only looking for tech workers, they will make sure to have qualification requirements that are needed for those positions. 

The employment agency makes money by negotiating a higher salary and offering a lower salary to candidates. The agency receives an amount for each hour worked and pays a lower amount.

Pros and Cons

The great advantage of using a job agency is that you will be able to find a job in a short time. If you need to get started quickly, employment agencies may be a good idea. However, these agencies have a downside. They will usually keep part of your salary by negotiating a higher salary with companies and paying you a lower salary. This is how they make money for their services.

Before you get a job with a staffing agency – Workker is one, for example, you can look for work for yourself. There are many places where you can look for work and they will not take away part of your salary for helping you. The only thing is that it may take a longer time and if you were to contact staff agencies hiring truck drivers, you would find it easier to start on a temporary basis and then go full time.

Negotiating Permanent Employment

Most jobs offered by an employment agency are temporary jobs. Usually the agency will make you sign a contract when referring to a job. Because you will be considered an employee of the agency, if the company wants to become a permanent worker it will have to pay the employment agency. The average rate is usually around 25% of your annual salary, which is not at all economical. For this reason, many companies prefer not to hire permanent staff through a work agency.

Applying for a Job

Now that you know how a job agency works, here are the steps you need to take to find a job:

Send your resume to the employment agency or visit the agency in person (if you don’t have a resume, the agency will provide you with an application that you’ll need to fill out with your information)

The agency will analyze your experience and schedule an interview if it has jobs available.

They will show you the available jobs you qualify for.

In many cases, the agency will train you for the job. You should never pay for training (avoid scams) They will give you the company information and the start date of your new job. As you can see, finding a job through an agency is simple and fast. Many agencies are now hiring truck drivers – Truckker and other companies are joining in too.

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