How could they steal what I have stored in the cloud

Data theft in the cloud, a present problem

Keeping a computer protected is essential, but even more so when we have important information stored. It does not matter if we are a home user or part of a company or organization, we must always prevent files from being exposed and being stolen. There are different points to consider.

Account theft

One of the most used methods for stealing files in the cloud is improperly access an account. This can happen if, for example, we are victims of a Phishing attack and a cybercriminal manages to enter the Dropbox account, Google Drive or whatever we use.

Having access to the password of our account will expose all our data. It is undoubtedly one of the issues to take into account and be aware of the importance of having everything properly protected.

Data leakage

Sometimes the problem comes when a filtration in the cloud storage service we are using. This is not something that depends directly on the user, as it could be an error that appears on the platform we trust.

This is very problematic, since sometimes all the content we have can be exposed. We have seen cases of major data breaches that have affected many organizations and online platforms.


In this case we mainly refer to the vulnerabilities that may appear on the devices we are using. Something that many users use is having a NAS server to manage all the content.

However, these devices could have vulnerabilities. After all, they are devices connected to the network and a failure could allow an attacker to collect personal data and even access all the content.

Malware on your computer

Of course, we must not forget the possibility that our team will be attacked by one of the many varieties of malicious software. They could sneak a Trojan with which to control the system and also access the cloud, a keylogger to steal passwords, etc.

Malware is one of the biggest problems for network connected devices. This means that we must take even more precautions when we are going to surf the Internet with any computer.

Basic tips to protect your cloud storage

For all this that we have mentioned, it is very important to take into account the importance of protecting data in the cloud. You always have to choose a good cloud storage service, but regardless of that we will have to avoid problems that can expose the data.

We can mention the importance of keep safe in our teams. We have seen that some of the strategies can be based on malware delivery. Hence, having a good antivirus or firewall may be essential.

But so will the common sense. It is vital not to make mistakes that can expose us. For example, be careful where we log in, not click on links that could be dangerous, etc. All of this could help us reduce risk.

Without a doubt, another very important recommendation is that of to update all the devices and systems we use. This will allow us to avoid certain vulnerabilities that may appear. One more way to ensure that everything works well and also safely.

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