This is why Chrome’s incognito mode can be dangerous

Incognito mode can be insecure

What does Chrome incognito mode mean? Basically it means that our browser is not going to store navigation data. For example, it will not save the history of searches or visited sites. But that Doesn’t mean we’re protected or that our data is not in danger. In fact, sometimes it can even be more dangerous.

Extensions not working by default

The first reason why incognito mode can be dangerous is that extensions don’t work by default. That is, if for example we have an antivirus installed in Chrome, it would not be activated when we enter this mode. It would not have the capacity to protect us, to prevent the entry of malware or suffer problems.

However, it is possible to configure the browser so that the plugins work even if we enter private mode. But it is something that, if we do not configure it, can turn against us. For example, extensions that allow us to redirect pages to the HTTPS version, those that act as VPNs to browse public Wi-Fi networks with greater security, etc.

false sense of security

In this case we are facing a problem that is not so much the incognito mode of Chrome, but of the own user perception. We can have a false feeling that we are more protected, that our data is going to be less at risk or that we are going to prevent the entry of malware.

However, all this can happen even if we are browsing in incognito mode. The risks do not change, as we can click on a fake link and log in and lose our account, we can open a malicious attachment that arrives in the mail that is actually malware or make any other mistake that can affect security and privacy.

Therefore, the false sense of being protected This is another reason why Chrome’s incognito mode can be dangerous. Of course, in this case the way to protect ourselves is as simple as taking the same precautions as when we navigate normally.

Most exposed passwords

Another reason why private mode can be dangerous is that we can expose more passwords. Let’s think that we have been victims of a keylogger and it is going to collect all the keys and keystrokes that we put. If we browse in a normal window, we may automatically log in, since we can store the keys in the browser.

On the other hand, if we enter incognito mode we will have to enter the access code. They will be more exposed to possible threats such as a keylogger or even Phishing attacks if we enter a false link and do not realize it and believe that because we are in incognito mode we must enter the key again.

In short, as we can see, it is possible that the incognito mode of the browser becomes a real security problem. We must always take measures to navigate safely and not make mistakes that could affect us and compromise the privacy of our computers.

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