How long does it takes to create an explainer video and launch it?

We will discuss the timing of the development of the video – what does it depend on and how to correctly set the deadline for the contractors?

Our company is a computer graphics and animation studio and we use top animation software apps, so we will talk about animation videos.

Three key points

The time frame for creating a video for business is calculated individually, but in general it boils down to three points:

  1. Technical complexity of the project – the level of quality that you want to get. The more complex the graphics and animation, the detail and realism, the style of the video, the longer the production.
  2. Timing – the duration of the video. The more purely physical graphics we draw, animations move, sound tracks, etc., the longer the time frame.
  3. SpeedĀ  of feedback from the Customer. Some Clients think that if they ordered an animation video, then the development lies entirely on the shoulders of the computer graphics studio, and they themselves should not do anything. Video production is a linear process, and until the Client agrees on the stage of creating a video, be it a script, storyboard or any other, nothing will move. Otherwise, the contractor will finish the video, and then it turns out that you did not like the script all this time – and everything will be redone from the very beginning.

Therefore, more often the time frame in the contractor’s estimate for the development of the video is the time of their work, and this time frame does not include the time for agreeing on the stages of work.

The optimal time frame for the approval of each stage of work by the Customer is 2 days. When delaying your answer, remember that the longer you make a video for a business, the more potential profit you lose.

Average time to create a video

So, what the timing depends on, we figured it out. Now for the specifics. Average time to create a high-quality ..:

  • 2d animations – 3-4 weeks per minute,
  • 3d animations – 4-5 weeks per minute.

This is already taking into account the time for your feedback.

3D animation takes longer because it is more difficult in production.

If the volume of work is large, for example, several videos, you can create them in parallel and speed up production.

Sometimes they ask the following question: what is the fastest time frame for developing a video? Our record is a 3-minute simplified video with 2D graphics and footage in two days:

If you want to do the same, be prepared to pay extra for efficiency. Also, be prepared to make as few edits as possible to the project. If there are too many edits, we can “get stuck” at some stage of video production, and the deadline will be disrupted.

When we are doing faster than usual, we reallocate resources to suit you. We expect the same “adjustment” on your part – a full-fledged development of an explainer video, as in the usual timeframe, will physically fail, you will have to sacrifice something. Many computer graphics studios are silent about this, but the fact is known among colleagues in the shop.

Whoever says what, often urgency is reflected in the final quality of the product – it is lower. How much lower? Each situation is different. Nevertheless, for our part, we always do everything possible and even more so that the project suits the Client and is of high quality.

There are situations when no matter how much you pay the contractor, he physically will not do it faster. On urgent projects, additional specialists can be involved – the work is split into small parts, and the project is done faster. But if such people are already connected to work, and the deadline is 10 days, then it will not be faster, even if you pay 2 times more.


Give tasks to professionals you are confident in. Especially in situations where the timing is due to the event: a public presentation of a new product, the opening of an exhibition, a meeting with investors, explainer video and so on.

Look for not just a contractor, but video production partners who will get into the situation and, if necessary, will sit for you at night to finish the project by the deadline. Are you looking for such a company? Then visit and see if everything suits you.

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