How to cancel Android app subscriptions 2021

You can spend a lot of money over time on subscriptions of Android applications . It is worth checking from time to time which ones you still use and which ones you should cancel. It is also important to know that uninstalling an application will not cancel your subscription.

Instead, you must press the button to cancel the subscription so that you do not have to pay monthly or annual fees. With this, you can still enjoy and use the apps while exempting yourself from paying certain fees. However, the downside of this is that you will not be able to enjoy the application in the same way as if you have a premium account.

If you are still paying for applications that you no longer use, here you We show how to unsubscribe from those apps on Android .

How to find all app subscriptions on your Android

Cómo cancelar las suscripciones de aplicaciones Android.

Subscription apps generally have free trial runs. However, most of them require a payment method and your card information, making it easy for them to charge certain fees if you want to upgrade and unlock some of their premium features.

Unlike from Netflix , where subscriptions automatically end if you don’t watch for a long time, some apps automatically update your account after the trial ends if you haven’t canceled it yet, which is great problem.

Fortunately, finding all application subscriptions on an Android mobile is very simple. This is how you do it:

  1. Open the configuration of your mobile.
  2. Click on Google .
  3. When accessing, search Manage your Google account and touch it.
  4. At the top of the landing page, tap Payments and subscriptions . Through that, you will see different options such as Manage purchases , Manage reservations and Manage subscriptions .

You can also see more details about each selected application in which you can do certain things, including tracking a delivery, canceling a reservation and renewing a subscription . You can consult the rest of the information of each application by selecting Information .

How to cancel an application subscription

Ready to cancel some Android app subscriptions? Finalize your list and decide which subscription you want to cancel. It is better to choose to cancel the subscription to those applications that you are not actually using for your daily life or for the moment on your Android mobile. You can always re-subscribe if you need the features and services of the apps.

Please note that uninstalling apps will not automatically cancel your subscriptions, and you will still be billed even if you’re not using them.

To prevent that from happening, follow these quick and easy steps on how to unsubscribe from an app:

  1. Open Google Play Store to start.
  2. Check if you are logged into your Google account, where the applications are affiliated to cancel the subscription.
  3. Click on the menu located in the upper left corner of the screen.

    From there, you can view Subscriptions in the sidebar, so tap on this. It will load a new page for the application information.

  4. Search Cancel subscription and touch. Tapping will load a new page where you will need to log in with your Google credentials.

Breaking news! If you cannot find an app subscription there, it has most likely been removed from the Google Play Store. When this happens, you will not receive any future charges for subscription fees, nor will your payments be refunded.

Canceling a subscription from an app after paying will not lose your access. You can use the application until the end of the paid duration. So if you paid for a one-year subscription and canceled the subscription in the middle of the year, you still have access until you complete the entire paid subscription year. By doing this, your application will not charge you for renewal.

When do you need to cancel a subscription from an app?

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The best time to cancel a subscription is when you are no longer using the app for valuable purposes. You don’t want to spend money on something that you don’t enjoy in the first place. If you already paid for a full year and you intend not to renew for the following year, it is time to cancel the subscription. It is better to cancel the subscription during the paid duration so that does not automatically renew for the next year .

For cancellations and refunds, apparently everyone has Right to a 30-minute grace period to cancel your purchase when purchasing an item from the Google Play Store. You have at least half an hour to cancel it before it is charged to your credit card.

The app vendor will send you an email to notify you of your refund request and the status. This is a unique offer: when you buy the same application for the second time, your credit card will be charged and the sale is final.

How to disable automatic renewal of a subscription

You can always check the status and your app subscription information, including renewal dates in the Google Play Store. You can simply tap unsubscribe the apps you want to turn off auto-renew for subscriptions, just like the instructions on how to unsubscribe above.

You can also perform various activities there, like change payment methods, refund subscriptions, pause subscriptions, and restart from a paused subscription.

Manage other subscriptions on your Android phone

If you find it difficult to track subscriptions, you can also check your credit card statements and see where the charges come from. It is ideal if you have a synced list of your app subscriptions for easy and convenient tracking. (madisonavenuemalls)

Analyze and think carefully when purchasing an app from the Google Play Store, as most of the time , the refund process can be a headache. Choose the best application where you can use it personally or share it. By doing this, you can also maximize your Android mobile’s storage.

Canceling subscriptions is an easy way to save money. But if you still need some apps and services, see if they offer group or family plans for a lower rate.


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