How to change the name or SSID of a WiFi network

But you also have to think about privacy. Just as these data can be used to have illegitimate access to the router, they can also obtain certain personal information, even if it is simply which telephone company we have contracted.

Therefore, changing the name of the WiFi is very important both for security as for Privacy. The goal is always to make it as difficult as possible for a potential intruder to compromise the network or to collect personal data of any kind.

Steps to change the SSID or WiFi name on the router

To change the name of the WiFi or SSID you have to follow a series of simple steps. This may vary slightly depending on the device we have, but in general it is similar. As we will see, in a matter of minutes we will have put the name we want to our network. We will only have to have access to the device and know the parameters to be able to log in.

Access the router

The first thing we have to do to change the name of the WiFi is to access the router. For this we have to know the data to be able to enter, which would be the default gateway, the name and the access code.

Usually the Gateway to enter it will be However, this could change depending on the model of our device. Also, the name and password are usually of the type 1234, admin123, admin, and the like. It could also be different, especially if we have changed it.

To know the default gateway that we will have to put in the browser we can use a command in Windows. We have to go to Start, we enter the Command Prompt and execute the command ipconfig. It will give us information and among these data is the address to access the router.

Enter the WiFi section

Once inside the router, to change network name we have to go to the WiFi section. This may also vary by model. For example, in the case we are using, options such as changing the network SSID or password appear on the first screen once we access it.

Change the WiFi name

If it does not appear first, we would have to go to the menu, click on WiFi and there it will show us the different options, including changing the name or SSID of the network. In some models it could appear in the Wireless section, Wi-Fi Settings or similar.

Change the default or old name

At this point we would only have to change the name. We may be using the Default SSID that came with the router or that on some occasion we had already changed it previously.

We only need to put the name that interests us and we give Apply changes. Of course, we must bear in mind that we are limited to a maximum of 32 characters. We cannot put a very long phrase as a name, for example. The wireless network will automatically show that new name that we have put in order to connect and have access from other devices.

Alternatively, beyond being able to access the router through the browser, we can also use the device application to change the name of the network. This is not possible with all models, but we can find it more and more frequently. This will allow us to have an even simpler way.

What name to put a WiFi network

Can we put any name to our WiFi network? The truth is that yes, since we can use letters or numbers as we want. Now, you have to take into account some questions to know which name is best, so as not to have any problems. The name that we are going to create must be something neutral, that does not relate to us. For example, we must avoid giving clues about the model of the router, the company we have, put our name or any personal data.

The idea of ​​changing the WiFi SSID is to create one that is as impersonal as possible. Put some words and digits that do not link us directly, for example. This will help to maintain security and privacy at all times and thus avoid problems of any kind.

Is it worth hiding the SSID?

And if I want hide name? We have explained how we can change the SSID, but there is an additional option to all this that is to directly hide it and not appear when a third party performs a scan to see the available networks. It may even seem like one more security option.

It must be borne in mind that it is possible to do so and that we are also interested that no name appears. Basically what we do is hide the network and it will not appear in searches. But of course, that can be valid if a basic user takes his mobile and performs a normal search to search for networks. If an experienced user uses tools, such as inSSIDer or Acrylic Wi-Fi, you could see what networks are available and hidden.

So is it worth hiding the SSID? As we explained, if what we want is that the wireless network does not appear for a third party, for example a neighbor who cannot know what our network is and is not an expert, it may be worth it. It is one more measure that could be used as privacy, since at first we would not be indicating whether or not we have a Wi-Fi network at home.

However, it is not a really effective security measure. If there is someone with the necessary knowledge to exploit our wireless network, they will surely use one of those tools that we have named and will be able to see the hidden networks. Therefore, in terms of security, it is not really going to contribute much to us.

In short, following this process that we have explained we can change the name or SSID to WiFi. It is simple and fast, but also as we have seen it is something useful that can come in handy in order to improve the security and privacy of our network. There is even the alternative of hiding the name from third parties.

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