How to Change Twitter Handle or Username

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Twitter is a social networking service with over 250 million active users and over 500 million Tweets sent each day. It’s a great tool for keeping in touch with friends, family and coworkers, sharing photos and links, and for following updates from favorite celebrities, brands and music artists. However, one of the biggest Twitter faux pas is not knowing how to change your username.

Changing a Twitter handle or username is really simple, it just takes a little bit of time. Here’s how to change your Twitter username or handle:

Every Twitter account needs an update at some point. You can change your profile picture, header picture, biography, website and advertisement, as well as your username. Also wondering how to change your Twitter address or username? We are ready to help you. With many platforms, such as. B. Facebook, it is not possible to update the username often.

In contrast, the Twitter username, also known as Twitter ID, is not subject to such restrictions. You can replace it with another one whenever you want. But there are a few things to consider before you change your Twitter @ to a more sophisticated and professional @. See the previous article for detailed information on creating a Twitter account.

Before we look at how to change my Twitter address, let’s look at why I need to change it.

Can you change your Twitter name?

You may have been using your Twitter username for years, but you may have plenty of reasons to change it. Unlike other platforms, you can change your Twitter address if you need to update your profile. That way, you won’t lose your Twitter followers and the posts you’ve shared on this platform in the past.

Reasons to change Twitter ID

Here are some reasons why you should update your Twitter username.

  • Rebranding or change of company name : If you are considering rebranding or renaming your business, it is essential to change your @ Twitter. The updated profile will receive more positive feedback.
  • Too long, unprofessional or with mistakes: It’s likely that you created your Twitter profile in a hurry. But later you notice a spelling mistake or realize it’s too long or unprofessional. Changing your Twitter username is a good way to solve the problem.
  • Availability of the desired user name : If you are creating your account for the first time, the desired username may not be available. But here’s the thing. It’s best to seize this opportunity before someone else hijacks it and changes your Twitter username.
  • The username does not match: Your Twitter username should match the usernames of other social media platforms if you plan to create a brand. This way, your account will look professional and your followers will be able to find you easily.
  • Career Change : If you created your username with your previous job in mind and changed it, you should also change your Twitter username.

Whatever your reasons for exploring how to change the @ on Twitter, we suggest you think again and ask yourself if you really need the change. In fact, changing a Twitter username can have many consequences. You may also need to change many things along with the username.

Before you learn how to change your Twitter username, it’s important to understand why you shouldn’t.

Why shouldn’t I change my Twitter username often?

You must have a reason why you want to change your Twitter address. If you have a new account with no followers, changing your @ Twitter is a no-brainer. However, there may be consequences if you change the username of an existing account. You are…

  • Twitter links that don’t work: Your username on social media platforms is like your address. If you change your address, people will have trouble finding it. Also, links from readers and internet marketers pointing to your Twitter profile will be lost. That’s because Twitter doesn’t redirect your old links to the new ones.
  • Mentions and direct messages : Once you change your Twitter username, it becomes available to other users. If your subscribers are not notified of your username change, you will no longer receive messages or mentions intended for you. And they go to an unknown user using your old Twitter account. If someone hasn’t taken it, Twitter will let your followers know that the username doesn’t exist.
  • Guest Posts: If you’ve written guest posts on someone else’s site and you’ve left your Twitter username there so readers can contact you, you should ask the owner of the blog to make this change. You will also need to change your Twitter username where you listed your old Twitter address.
  • Inconsistency: If you have pages or profiles with a similar username, you should change that too. But be careful, because changing your @ on Twitter can have different consequences on different platforms. Some media do not allow you to change your username as often as Twitter.

How to change your Twitter username for desktop

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to change the Twitter handle on your desktop. Don’t have a Twitter account? Sign up now on Twitter.

Step one: Open the official Twitter site and log in to your desktop account.

Step two: On the Twitter homepage, click the More option on the left side of the menu bar.

Then click on the Settings and Privacy menu.

Step three: By default, your account settings page will open with some additional information on the right.

Step four: Click Account Information and enter your account password.

Step 5: On the new page, select a username.

Here you will get several suggestions based on the previously chosen username.

Step six: Enter your new Twitter address. If it is not available, the field will turn red and you will receive a message that the user name is busy.

Seventh step: Choose a non-repeating name and click Save.

How to change your Twitter username for Android

Here is a step-by-step method to change your Twitter handle or username on your Android phone. If you haven’t created one yet, here are the steps to follow to create a Twitter account.

Step one: Open the official Twitter app on your phone and log into your account.

Step two: On the home screen, click the three bars in the upper left corner of the screen and select Settings and Privacy.

Step three: On the new page, tap Account, and then tap the username.

On the new screen you will find your current Twitter name, and below it you can change it.

Step four: Enter the correct Twitter username and press Done.

If you repeat Twitter handle, it will turn red. And you get the message that the username is already taken.

Frequently asked questions about changing your username or nickname on Twitter

Q1. Can you change your Twitter address?

Yes, of course you can change your Twitter address. The method has been discussed with you.

Q2. Do you lose followers when you change your Twitter username?

No, changing the @ on Twitter does not affect the number of followers or previous tweets.

Q3. How often can you change your Twitter address?

There is no limit to the number of times you can change your username.

Q4. Can I reuse my last Twitter username?

Once you change your Twitter address, it becomes available to everyone. If someone has taken over the name, you can’t go back to your old Twitter account. If not, you can use it again.

Q5. Will my friends be notified when my Twitter handle changes?

You can notify your followers of a username change, but Twitter will not send them a message.

Q6. How long can a user name be on Twitter?

Your Twitter address may consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of 15 characters.

Q7. What should I do if I forget my Twitter username?

You can log into your account using the email ID or phone number you used when registering your Twitter account. You can also find your user name in one of the emails you receive from Twitter.

Q8. Can you hide your Twitter username from others?

No, the username is public information on Twitter, so users cannot hide it from others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I change my twitter display name?

Twitter is known as a microblogging site for showing your life in 140 characters or less. However, that’s not how the site started. Since its inception, Twitter has changed quite a bit, and one of those changes was that you could no longer change your display name. The most recent change in display name policies was in 2012, when Twitter started letting people change their accounts to unverified accounts. If you have a verified account you can’t change your display name. This is done to help keep people safe, making sure that no one can impersonate celebrities or other key players in the business world. Ever had the idea of changing your name on twitter and thought that it’s impossible? Well, it is possible, and there are a few ways to do that. However, this is considered to be a taboo topic since Twitter’s Terms of Service restricts you from doing so. The good news is, you can still change your Twitter name and it’s easier than you think. So, let’s begin with the first step, which is to go to the Twitter account settings page.

How do I change my account name on twitter?

The name you use to identify yourself on Twitter is your twitter handle. You may change your account name by going to your account settings page. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen and then click “Settings”. Scroll down to the “Your Twitter Name” section and click on the “Edit your display name” link. You’ll be prompted to type in your new name. After you’ve typed in your new name, click “Update Display Name”. Your Twitter name will change shortly after you confirm the change is what you want. The way you update your Twitter profile is going to change soon. The company announced on Tuesday that it’s rolling out a new feature that will let you change your handle from the Account page on But the feature is still in beta and only available to a small number of users, so if you didn’t get an email, don’t worry. However, if you do get an email, follow the instructions in the email to change your handle.

How do I change my display name on twitter app?

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length, to their friends and others who are following them. To change your Twitter screen name, you’ll need to go to your account’s “Settings” page at the following address: To change your display name on Twitter, go to Settings. Click your display name in the top right corner of the page. Under “What name do you want to appear next to your tweets?” enter your desired name. Click Save Changes.

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