How To Choose A Kitchen Unit?

The kitchen unit is very useful for creating a kitchen space in a small area. Composed of storage units, a worktop, shelves or drawers, the kitchen unit gives you the benefit of optimised kitchen furniture and cupboards. Practical and functional, the kitchen unit is also aesthetic.

The kitchen unit is an ideal space-saving solution for furnishing small kitchens. But you still need to choose the right kitchen furniture for your needs. Here are our tips for choosing your kitchen unit!

What are the criteria for choosing a kitchen unit?

To choose a kitchen unit that suits your needs, you need to take into account a few essential criteria. You can easily find kitchen units suitable for residential or commercial areas in Pretoria, you just need to ensure your comfort in cooking good food is at stake!

Assess your needs

Before fitting out a kitchen, even a small one, you need to assess your needs. Do you like to cook? Do you spend time preparing your own recipes or are you a fan of ready-made meals? How many kitchen utensils do you need in your kitchen cupboards? Do you need White Tablecloths for your kitchen tables? Do you have a lot of small appliances? Your needs and habits will determine your storage furniture and the optimisation of space.


Before buying a kitchen unit, you should carefully measure the space available in your kitchen area. Kitchen furniture comes in different sizes. You can find units on the market ranging from 180 to 260 cm.

But be careful, the idea is not to multiply the storage units, which are certainly very useful. You should also think about including your household appliances! Take the dimensions precisely and don’t hesitate to make a small layout plan. This will avoid unpleasant surprises when you assemble the furniture.


This compact kitchen offers you a series of useful and functional storage units. There is no wasted space here, no accessory furniture such as a spice rack for example. The kitchen unit offers you cabinets with drawers, hinged doors or folding doors depending on the case. Storage under the sink, under the worktop, the indispensable base units offer you efficient storage capacity.

For high kitchen units, check that your ceiling height allows for their installation. For flats under the roof, for example, or in the case of exposed beams, hanging tall furniture can be complicated.

The design

The practicality and functionality of a kitchen unit does not overshadow its design. The design of this kitchen, which is open to the main living area, must not appear to be the black spot in the decoration. Manufacturers have understood this need for aesthetics and today deliver kitchen units in modern colours. White or grey lacquered, matt white, the fronts display a real modern and contemporary style to offer a designer kitchen.

The finishes

The finishings are also well cared for. If you cannot intervene on the customization, the type of handles, the style of a cupboard or the harmony of the colours of the worktop and the furniture, are chosen with care without fault of taste.

The budget

Choosing a kitchen unit is to equip yourself with a cheap kitchen. Also, this new kitchen allows you to equip yourself well, without breaking the bank. One of the big advantages of this kitchen is its price: for a reasonable budget, you get the essentials of a modern kitchen.

This saving on furniture allows you to equip yourself with appliances: fridge, dishwasher, microwave, hood… It’s up to you to decide where you want to invest in order to gain comfort and have a complete kitchen, well equipped for your needs.

The kitchen unit: the essential asset for small spaces

If your budget does not allow you to turn to a custom-made kitchen, the kitchen unit is an interesting alternative for fitting out a small kitchen. For studios or small flats where every square metre counts, the kitchen unit provides you with everything you need to have a functional, practical and even designer kitchen.

The kitchen unit is clever and fulfils many expectations, in terms of kitchen storage, worktop or optimised space. So many advantages to easily furnish a small home!

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