How To Disable Comments On YouTube

For years, YouTube has provided a way for users to post comments to videos. What many people don’t realize is that comments are enabled on every video whether they want them or not. It’s easy to disable the comments on your own videos, so you can actually make the YouTube experience a better one.

YouTube is the video-sharing site that has carved out its own bizarro niche in the media world. On one hand, you can view millions of videos on the site and have access to many different people’s opinions about different topics ranging from toys to politics to how to lose weight . But on the other hand, you can also view a number of videos that are off-limits for most users, due to their potentially controversial nature . There are hundreds of videos with controversial content that in some way or another violate YouTube’s policies. If you want to see a video that is blocked by YouTube, there are a few ways to bypass this restriction.

YouTube uses an animated GIF to move an a video on its main page. The GIF is animated and makes a noise like a buzzing bee. This is the reason why YouTube comments are disabled on its main page if you have a slow or bad internet connection.. Read more about how to disable comments on youtube 2020 and let us know what you think.If you are a follower of this online video platform, you know that viewers may or may not leave comments on the videos they watch. Sometimes video uploaders ask for comments. Maybe you came across an offensive phrase in the comments section that hurt you or the people who uploaded the video (or the vloggers – video bloggers). The comment could have been below your video. If you’ve seen the cartoon Ralph opens the Internet: Ralph, who travels the internet, is annoyed, frustrated and angry at the nasty reactions to his epic failed video. After that, he’s not doing well. At this point, you agree that anyone uploading a video to YouTube should be aware that their video will get a variety of responses. So you need to know how to disable comments on YouTube. In this article we will see how this can be done. It is best to do this on a Windows PC or Mac, as this is more convenient. See also: To unsubscribe from YouTube emails

Here are the steps

  1. Click on YouTube and sign in to your Google account. The YouTube home screen appears.
  2. Click on the profile picture icon in the top right corner.
  3. Then click on the YouTube Studio option that appears in the drop-down menu just below Paid Membership. The dashboard of your YouTube channel will appear on the screen.
  4. If you have a specific video in mind, click on Video, right below the dashboard. If available, all your uploaded videos will be displayed immediately.
  5. Scroll down to the video you want to discuss with your commenter and click on it. The video details are displayed on screen in the Basic Details tab.
  6. Click on the Advanced tab.
  7. Scroll down to the comments and reviews section.
  8. Under Visibility of comments, you will find the following options:
    1. Allow all comments – anything can be said under your video, especially if it’s public.
    2. Hold back potentially inappropriate comments for review – YouTube’s artificial intelligence is working on this. It watches for insults, sexual comments, politically incorrect comments, etc. Sometimes the AI is not always right, because people can say something and mean something completely different.
    3. Put all comments on hold for review – they will not appear in the public section until you have reviewed and approved them.
    4. Disable comments
  9. Choose Disable comments. Inferior comments and all other comments on videos are no longer displayed.

By default, comments are allowed for all your uploaded videos. For the above steps, there is the following alternative (Community Option):

  1. Click on YouTube Studio
  2. Select the Settings option on the left, just above the Send Feedback option.
  3. Click on the Community tab and switch to the Default option.
  4. The following is offered to you:
    1. Comment on your new videos
    2. Comments on the Discussion tab
  5. Scroll down the list and select Disable all comments.

Short and sweet

You can meet all kinds of people on the internet, and you can meet all kinds of viewers on YouTube. If you have trouble accepting criticism, it’s best to turn off all comments under your videos. YouTube wants to protect you from nudity, harm, violence, harassment and threats with this option to disable comments. To do this account management on your phone, you’ll need to download YouTube Studio from the Play Store or Apple Store, depending on the operating system you’re using.YouTube was hit with a video upload privacy violation lawsuit earlier this year, and it is still under investigation. While the world’s largest video platform doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to protecting user privacy, Google’s been trying to improve things. One of the ways the company is doing that is by disabling the ability of comments on certain videos. Well, according to this guide, you can still disable the comments regardless of whether or not your video is on Read more about how to disable comments on youtube live and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you turn off comments on YouTube?

YouTube is much more than a video sharing site; it’s a social platform, where people come together and share their thoughts, interests, and interests through the content they create. There is also an element of competition in this social atmosphere, as users strive to be the most popular person on the website. YouTube’s comment system can be a little annoying. Some people don’t mind getting a few comments on their videos while others might not want to see them at all. A lot of users have asked us if it’s possible to completely disable comments on YouTube, and here’s how you can do it.

How do I turn off comments on YouTube Mobile?

YouTube’s mobile app has a new feature that will help users disable comments. It’s an optional setting available in a new menu in the mobile app. YouTube has become a destination for millions of people to watch hundreds of millions of videos, and you’re probably using YouTube on your phone. If you’re a frequent user, you know that YouTube can be a bit distracting. While you’re watching a video, you can get distracted by seeing what your friends have to say, or by reading comments from other viewers. If you’re a YouTube mobile user, you might have noticed that YouTube Mobile doesn’t display comments.

Can you turn off comments?

Comments are a great way to interact with other people and the internet. However, if you absolutely can’t get by without them, you might want to disable them on YouTube. It’s a great way to prevent the endless stream of negativity that can sometimes plague comments sections. YouTube comments, while a little annoying, at least allow you to interact with other users while you watch videos. But, what if there was a way to stop comments altogether? This is possible, and today we’ll show you just how to do it.

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