How To Improve Your Airsoft Gun?

Would you like to upgrade your airsoft gun? It depends on many criteria, including the type of operation you have (Co2, gas, electric or spring type). In this article, we give you the best advice to improve your replica safely!

What are the possible airsoft improvements?

In this article, we do not address the internal improvement FPS or the power of your replica. This topic will be covered in a separate article in the near future.

In this article, we discuss three ways to improve your airsoft replica: aesthetics, customisation and range. Remember: each improvement depends on the type of replica you have.

Cosmetic upgrades

As far as cosmetic upgrades are concerned, almost all airsoft guns can be customised with accessories. To get off to a slow start, you can add a rifle scope or reflex sight, also known as a red-dot sight, to your replica. This upgrade is both aesthetically pleasing and practical to increase the accuracy of your shots during games. Red-dots or scopes are ideal for hitting your target faster.

For those who want to go even further in customising their replicas, you can add, for example, and depending on your replica, a grenade launcher, additional magazines, a lamp, a tactical handle, and many other airsoft accessories… These elements are not only decorative and reinforce the realism of your airsoft games while having a useful side in the use of your replica.

However, be careful not to equip your replica with just any accessory! For example, it will not be practical or aesthetically pleasing to add a scope to a gun. This is not just a question of realism, but simply of logic. A handgun is never fitted with a scope because it is not designed to shoot at great distances, but as close as possible to its target. Moreover, if you do this, the scope will probably be too far away from your eye to use it properly. This sighting aid is usually reserved for large shoulder-mounted replicas such as snipers.

Internal Enhancement

Internal upgrading is recommended if you are looking to make the replica more reliable or improve its performance. To do this, you replace many mechanical parts within your airsoft replica: barrel, gears, seals, etc.

Note: all the internal parts of your replica are replaceable, interchangeable.

However, be sure to check the compatibility of your replica. Indeed, each replica must be equipped with an internal mechanical part specific to its own mechanism. There are no universal internal parts.

Improving the range

We will not immediately discuss power measured in FPS in this article. However, it is easy to increase the firing range of your airsoft replica with a few tricks.

For more range or accuracy during games, you can adjust the weight of the pellets you are using in your replica before you make big, often expensive modifications. Indeed, a heavier bullet will increase the accuracy of your shots but will reduce the maximum distance. Conversely, lighter bullets will allow you to shoot further but with a little more dispersion.

Safely upgrading your replica

Upgrading your airsoft replica should be done properly. If this is the first time you are making aesthetic or technical customisation to your replica, we advise you to reach out to experts in this field around you. They have the necessary know-how to offer you the best accessories or parts for your replica.

You can also ask other experienced airsoft players for advice. Make sure they are not new to the game before taking their advice.

Maintain your replica with care

One tip not to be taken lightly: maintain your airsoft replica with care. Its improvements will be less effective if you change parts or paint a replica that is damaged, worn or dusty. Always store the replica in a dedicated protective case at home, so that it doesn’t get dusty and protect it from possible shocks during transport.

As a reminder, to ensure successful customisation, use equipment sold by a specialised professional. The improvement of your replica will be even more durable. Always check the compatibility of gears, barrels, seals, and other parts changed to avoid damaging your replica.

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