How To Increase More Traffic On Your YouTube Channel?

YouTube ranks as the second-largest search engine after Google. The platform plays a significant role for business and brand marketers. Based on reports, YouTube records the watch time of more than 500 million hours of videos every day. Also, it has got the astonishing 60-hours of YouTube videos posted every minute. YouTube works as a good factor for social media marketing. Yet, to gain money on YouTube, you should increase YouTube traffic for your channel.

Are you wondering how to increase more traffic on your YouTube channel? If so, focus on growing your traffic by getting your YouTube channel video views. Let us start with improving your YouTube account by creating YouTube Shorts videos. Above all, you can grow your subscribers by trying the best option to use Earnviews that help pull new audiences to your YouTube channel.

Here, read the YouTube tactics to increase more traffic for your YouTube channel.

Let us kick start!

1. Create Appealing YouTube Video Content

The content on YouTube videos plays a significant role in deciding your traffic rate. Sometimes, several social media marketers ignore the traffic rate on social media platforms. Suppose, if you plan to drive traffic to your YouTube channel, then start to share compelling YouTube video content.

Make sure that your YouTube content offers the best quality content with values. Thus, crafting effective YouTube content with SEO strategies drives traffic among your subscribers. So, before starting with YouTube videos, try to choose the niche that works best for you and your audience. Next, take a check at how you can assist your audience. Every social media user has their queries to solve, so try to make a persona for your YouTube subscribers.

Last, ask yourself how unique marketing criteria you have and how you can make YouTube video content method. Use scripts if you already have yet at the first plan on what niche you are planning to discuss on your YouTube channel.

2. Enhance Your YouTube Video Using SEO

After creating and posting engaging YouTube video content, it is the right time to enhance your YouTube video to rank with the best SEO results. From the previous stats, it is evident that millions of users search for YouTube content daily. Hence, try to know how your videos ranking can impact how many video views you get. Yet, understand how to improve your rankings to increase more YouTube traffic?

There are two criteria to take into review before starting your YouTube video creation to drive traffic for your channel:

Try To Use Descriptive & Keyword-Rich Titles

The title has vital details about your video content on YouTube and plays a massive role in improving search engine ranking factors. Therefore, try to spend time before creating your YouTube video while creating a content title. These are the following methods to practice before YouTube title creation.

  • Make sure your YouTube titles are engaging, attractive, and descriptive.
  • The YouTube video title should be at least five words long.
  • The YouTube title should be precise that it is not more than 66 characters.
  • Be sure your YouTube title consists of high search volume keywords to reach the audience.

Fun Fact: Are you looking to increase more traffic to your YouTube channel? If so, the best suggestion would be to post your YouTube Shorts videos or stream live videos often. In the meantime, if you like to gain traction, start to try Earnviews, which grows your YouTube shorts views among your subscribers.

Create Engaging Thumbnails

Make sure your thumbnail is part of your video preview image on YouTube. Instead of using the default image that YouTube picks from your video. You can choose to create and post your custom YouTube thumbnails. Indeed, these custom YouTube thumbnails increase your YouTube video traffic. Moreover, thumbnails can attract the audience who are browsing on YouTube. Be sure your thumbnail image is eye-grabbing, compelling, relevant to the brand. 

3. Motivate YouTube Viewers To Subscribe

Now, motivate your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel to drive traffic. Growing YouTube subscribers will boost your video views for every new YouTube video you release. So, ask your YouTube viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel by the end of every video. Also, prompt your YouTube viewers to turn on the bell notification for updates.

4. Craft Detailed YouTube Video Playlist

On YouTube, creating the YouTube playlist serves as the best method to drive traffic. Based on the report, top-performing brands on YouTube promote double the time’s results of 25%. So, start to create your latest or popular YouTube videos to get your followers. Then allow your YouTube viewers to filter through your new and old videos playlists.

Sorting your YouTube video playlist not only lists the videos among your channel’s viewers. It also makes the playlist auto-play by watching long YouTube video sessions. As a result, it shows users engagement and can even impact your YouTube search rankings.

YouTube video playlists offer another searchable item for your channel, including your discoverability. Apart from this, YouTube playlists drive viewers to your expose about your other unpopular YouTube videos.

Pro Tip: Do you want to create the best YouTube playlist? If so, you should only navigate to every video you like to include and click the + button below the video.

5. Try To End Screens & Cards On YouTube

Both end screen and cards can assist you in increasing your YouTube traffic on your channel.

End Screen

End screens offer you the best chance to show your relevant details based on your YouTube channel. Also, YouTube end cards show other playlists recommended videos and your verified website by the end of your video. While inserting videos by the end of every video, you may have a vast network of inter-linking videos. Indeed, these end screens enhance your YouTube channel’s rankings and traffic.


YouTube channel lets you include different types of cards by the end of the videos to advertise other content within your channel’s video.

  • Video playlist cards help in promoting a video or a playlist.
  • Channel card takes into another YouTube channel of yours.
  • Poll cards motivate YouTube viewers to take part in a YouTube poll.
  • Link card connects YouTube viewers to external websites, businesses, and crowdfunding projects.

The above YouTube cards increase your channel traffic and can take viewers to other videos or YouTube channels.

Fun Fact: Are you looking to build your YouTube community? If so, start to engage your potential viewers, communicate with your followers, and remove the spammy YouTube videos. Apart from this, build an online YouTube community by compelling videos.

Things To Follow

Now, you got to know about the five effective methods to increase your traffic for your YouTube channel. Brainstorm before you start your YouTube creation and find which tactics will boost your YouTube views. Above all, these are a few other tricks and tips on how to increase more traffic on your YouTube channel with the final strategies.

  • Try to start Live Streaming on your YouTube channel.
  • Begin to experiment with YouTube or Facebook ads.
  • Create an intro video to increase your YouTube views and subscribers.
  • Partner with other YouTubers on creating your videos.
  • Enhance your YouTube channel and its bio.

I hope you like this article and found it interesting. Thanks for reading this article!!!

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