How To Increase YouTube Views & Subscribers Without Buying Them?

YouTube has become a household name today. Almost everyone makes videos on YouTube in the hope of getting views and subscribers and thereby getting what they want from it. To survive the cut-throat competition, buying video views and subscribers has become a trend. But this method is not safe in the long term. Therefore, you need to create content that can make YouTube video viral. Also, you must know the ways to promote it to gain more views and increase subscribers.

How To Increase YouTube Views & Subscribers Without Buying Them

First Things First!

Before even starting, find out clearly what your business goal is all about and what are your values. Researching your niche clearly and your competition is necessary. Find out the kind of voice you have, the customers you deal with, and other small details. This will lay the foundation for a smooth flow in the future.

The Essentials

Increasing subscribers and views keep the ball rolling and make a good profit. Various factors like relevant content, good quality videos, and SEO do the work here. Below is a list of several factors affecting YouTube videos performance.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan:

Directly making the video without planning is futile. Planning is essential. Start by writing the script, edit and proofread it. Figure out the camera placement, lighting, scene adjustment, and duration. You have to choose coherent brand colors, aesthetics, consistent and relevant thumbnails, and precise channel description to work. A notepad or a mind map is essential for planning. Plan, ideate, and act!

2. Editing and Post-Uploading Tips:

Godly editing wins the viewers’ hearts. So editing the video before uploading it is essential. Writing definite and crisp titles and descriptions with proper hashtags gives users an idea about the video. Promoting videos on the End Screen, adding the right call to action, and adding your brand watermark or ‘subscribe’ image at the bottom right corner of the video are other ways to increase views and subscribers.

3. Organizing Playlists:

If a user views videos of a playlist, it increases views, and many people subscribe it too. You can name your playlists according to what people search. That is a win-win situation in which people boost their views too.

4. Engaging With The Users:

Engagement increases video views and subscribers too. Regularly reply to each comment, ‘heart’ them, and answer their queries.

5. Essential Keywords:

Relevant keywords related to the topic help in YouTube SEO and ranking, thus increasing views and subscribers.

6. Encourage Users To Subscribe To Your Channel:

Subscription is free and costs no dime. So don’t hesitate to ask them to subscribe.

7. Social Media Sharing:

Promotion on social media attracts attention. Sharing videos and asking them to subscribe will increase your views and subscribers. For this, make sure to enable embedding of your videos.

8. Sharing On Your And Other Relevant Blogs:

Creative blogs with rich media attract the audience. By adding relevant videos to your blog posts, you increase video views and subscriber count too.

9. Subscribe To Other Channels Of Your Niche:

In this way, you get to know the content they put on their channel. Also, make sure to leave comments on their channels. That will give you authority and a face in a particular niche.


The above article gives you tips on how to promote video on YouTube and increase subscribers and view count. Our efforts win and not shortcuts like buying views and subscribers.

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