How to know if your Netflix has been hacked and what to do?

Any account we have on the Internet can be attacked by cybercriminals. This can happen on social networks, email or any platform where we are registered. And yes, also in Netflix. In this article we are going to explain what signs can make you doubt if someone has stolen your account, what to do if this has happened and, most importantly, how to prevent it.

Have they entered the Netflix account?

At some point you may suspect that they have been able to enter your Netflix account and steal credentials. It would not be unusual, since it is a fact that these types of accounts are sold a lot on the Dark Web. There are very obvious things like when we try to enter and they tell us that the password has been changed. But we are going to suppose that we do not have so many certainties.

The first thing that can tell you that someone has entered is to see the history of videos watched. In the “Rewatch” section, you may come across a movie or series that you have never really seen. This may mean that someone has entered the account without your consent.

You can also see the recent activity. You can go to the Account section, enter Activity and see the devices you have recently connected to. Do you see any that you don’t recognize?

What to do if the account has been stolen

What if you see that someone has been able to enter your Netflix account? Ideally, take action as soon as possible. The first thing will be change Password immediately. This will kick out any potential intruders who may have broken into your account and prevent you from ever accessing it again.

you must also review account details, the linked bank card and others. Have they been able to collect sensitive personal data such as bank details? You may have to block that card to avoid problems.

Also, you must analyze what could have happened to have your Netflix account stolen. Do you use a bad password? Have you been able to install some program recently and it is actually a virus and that has allowed them to gain access to the account? It is important not to make the same mistake again.

What to do if they have entered Netflix

How to avoid intruders

On the other hand, we want to give some essential tips to avoid intruders in the Netflix account. You can really apply them to other similar services, since they are recommendations that you should apply at any time and not have problems on the Internet, in any of your accounts.

Something fundamental is to always use a good password. It has to be completely random, have letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and any additional symbols. You should never use that same key on another site and you should also change it periodically.

Also, it is important to use only official programs. It is true that sometimes you can find alternatives that may seem interesting, with more functions, but your data may be in danger. It is always convenient to use legitimate applications and enter the official page.

But another important point is protect device. In this way you will prevent the entry of malware that could steal the password. For example a keylogger can record everything you type. You should also update the system and the Netflix application itself to correct any vulnerabilities that may exist. (Diazepam)

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