How to Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

If you want to know “how to stop sharing my location on iPhone”, we have the details right here. Different things can be done to prevent your whereabouts from being shared with others. By taking the steps provided, you can prevent being tracked without the other person knowing. It is easy to stop sharing your details when using apps or by disabling all of your location-sharing capabilities when using an iPhone.

Ways to Stop Sharing Your Location with Someone on iPhone

Those who use an iPhone will have options regarding location settings. If you want to stop location sharing on iPhone devices, you simply have to adjust some settings on your device. Sharing capabilities can be disabled without notification, so anyone using a tracking app will not know that you have prevented a location from being tracked.

How to Stop Location Sharing on iPhone

There is a fast way to stop location sharing on iPhone. There is only one way in which you can completely hide the location of your iPhone. This is done by turning the phone off. When off, it will not broadcast any locations. Another way to prevent being tracked is to stop sharing from the phone by changing some settings. These methods will turn off all sharing capabilities and protect you from tracking apps.

  • Turn off the “Share my location” option through settings
  • Set iPhone to airplane mode
  • Stop all sharing on the Find My app by sliding the Share My Location button from on to off

Temporarily Stop Sharing Location Services for Specific iPhone Apps

You can make changes to temporarily stop any sharing when using specific apps. When using this method, you can disable the sharing of your current location and will be able to prevent the iPhone from being tracked. If you frequently use certain apps, this is a great option to avoid sharing location with contacts.

  1. Access the Privacy settings.
  2. Select Location Services and scroll through the list of apps.
  3. Select those that you want to change the location settings for.
  4. There will be options that include Never, Always, Ask Next Time, and While Using the App.

If you want to only stop sharing a current location when using any app, select the While Using the App option. This will not affect any other apps or services on the device.

Stop Sharing Your Location System Services on iPhone

You can take steps to turn off your location system services on the device. This will be a way to prevent location tracking and will also preserve battery life. To adjust the location tracking services installed on an iPhone, just follow the below-featured easy steps. You can then be sure that no one can use a spy app to see where you are or collect any data from the phone.

  1. Access your iPhone settings and click on Privacy.
  2. Click on Location Services.
  3. Scroll down to System Services.
  4. Change the settings for what system services you want to prevent location tracking.

How to Stop Sharing Location on Find My iPhone

This feature is beneficial if you misplace your phone, but it can also provide an easy way for location tracking apps to know where you are. When you are sharing your location in Find My iPhone, that information can be seen by friends as well. Use these steps to secretly stop sharing location on Find My iPhone.

  1. Open your Settings and tap your name.
  2. Select Find My from the list.
  3. Toggle the setting to off to prevent any location sharing.

If you want to stop location sharing on iPhone with specific people, you will access the Find My app, click on People, select a contact, and click on Remove Friend. Then select Stop Sharing My Location and confirm the choices.

How to Stop Sharing Location on iPhone Messages

iPhone Messages is a great way to keep in touch and send instant messages, but the service also uses location tracking. If you want to know how to stop sharing location on iPhone, there is a simple way to disable this feature. Turning off location services will prevent any tracking and will also save on battery life. You can stop sharing location on iPhone iMessage and still use all iPhone text messages services.

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Select a thread for a contact that you wish to hide your location from.
  3. Tap their name and select Info from a drop-down menu.
  4. Click on Stop Sharing My Location.

You will now prevent any contact selected from seeing your current location. This process also works to block any tracking app that may be installed on your device.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone Find Friends

At times, you may want to stop sharing your location without the other person knowing. If you have specific people that you do not want to share with, you can turn off your location services for those people only. Want to know how to stop sharing location without them knowing? Just follow these steps. They will see a message that says Location Unknown, just as if the phone were off.

  1. Launch Find My app.
  2. Tap on Me.
  3. Change Share My Location to off.
  4. Tap the People tab.
  5. Select from the list of contacts.
  6. Tap on Stop Sharing My Location.

Can You Stop Sharing Location on iPhone Without Them Knowing?

Now that you know how to stop sharing your location with someone on iPhone, you can use any of these options to prevent others from finding your location. If you are concerned about the other person knowing, there will be no notifications or alerts that indicate any location settings have been changed or blocked. The easiest way to prevent being tracked is to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Location services.
  3. Turn off Location services.


Preventing others from seeing your location is a way to prevent being tracked. Keep in mind that when you disable all location services, most apps will be affected. If you want to stop sharing location on iPhone but still use maps, you have to turn off sharing on specific apps while keeping your map app active. These fast and safe ways to stop sharing will help you remain secure and can stop tracking apps from gathering information.

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