If you use the Internet for this, you should have a VPN to protect yourself

Programs to use with VPN

There are certain apps that might not work properly if you’re not using a VPN. They may be blocked or unsafe to use if the connection is unreliable. In these cases, it is advisable to use a vpn program and you will have multiple options to choose the best one, both for computer and mobile.

streaming platforms

The first thing is when we talk about streaming platforms. For example Netflix or YouTube, they may be blocked in some countries or the specific video you want to watch may not be available outside of Spain. In that case, in order to avoid the problem you can use a VPN and connect as if you were in another location.

It is interesting that the VPN you use has multiple servers. In this way you can choose the country through which you connect and thus not have problems watching a movie or series that may be limited to a geographical area.

Online shopping

It may also be interesting to use a VPN when make an online purchase. You may need to pay something while connected to public Wi-Fi, such as in an airport or shopping mall. In those cases the connection may be insecure and your personal data could be compromised.

What the VPN does is encrypt the connection. Everything happens in a kind of tunnel and it’s not going to leak. If there are intruders on that network, they wouldn’t be able to steal your password or personal information you’re submitting when making the transaction.

Choose VPN location

Social networks

Another reason to use a VPN is when using social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter either Instagram. In these cases it may be necessary to use this type of tools, since in some places they are blocked. If you are going to travel to countries where they are not available, consider installing a VPN.

In addition, for security it can be interesting. If you are going to connect to these platforms through Wi-Fi networks that are not secure, it is a good idea to have these programs and thus increase security.

Mail and messaging

Yet another case is when you are going to use the email or applications of Messenger service. They may also be blocked in certain places. For example if you use Gmail, you would not be able to open it in China since all Google services are blocked and you cannot use them.

But you may also need to use VPN for these types of services for security. Again, if you’re connecting from networks that may be insecure, your messages could be compromised. To avoid this, the ideal is to encrypt the connection and thus not have problems.

In short, as you can see, you may need to use VPN on certain occasions. Especially when using some programs, it may be essential for them to work well. Of course, it is important to prevent the VPN from disconnecting and to ensure that it works correctly at all times.

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