If you use these brands, be very careful, they are the most used to scam you

The Phishing It is one of the most frequent attacks that we can suffer on the Internet. Hackers use different strategies to steal passwords and personal information. It basically consists of impersonating a company and that we fall into the trap. They send us a false link that takes us to a page where they steal the access code, for example. now what brands are the most affected? We are going to show which ones are being attacked the most this year so that you be careful if you use them.

Companies most affected by Phishing

It must be taken into account that Phishing is only growing and it is something that we have been seeing for years. They always seek to improve the attack techniques and they do not always supplant the same companies, although they do tend to target those that are most used. After all, if an online service is very popular, they will have a better chance of us falling into the trap.

But, which are the companies most affected by Phishing today? Surely more than one you use in your day to day. The one with the most identity theft attacks is Facebook, the popular social network. It is not surprising if we take into account that it is a service widely used by people of all ages.

It is followed by another great Internet platform: Google. Think about the different Google services that you use, such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive… All of them can be used to carry out attacks and impersonate your identity. They might tell you that there’s been a problem or that you need to send information and it’s actually a trap.

Another widely used platform that also suffers many Phishing attacks lately is PayPal. It is well known for making secure payments over the Internet. But of course, hackers can take advantage of precisely this to get to steal money. They can make you think you’re sending a payment to a fake account or break into your account to make payments on your behalf.

We must also name Microsoft, a classic of Phishing attacks. They can impersonate it in order to steal user information, especially since it is a well-known and valuable brand.

But leaving behind these specific brands, which are the most used for Phishing, something you should know is that financial institutions are increasingly used to launch attacks of this type. Therefore, if you use online banks, be careful of any email or SMS you receive because they can be a trap.

Tips to avoid Phishing

The best of all to avoid being a victim of Phishing attacks is to keep the common sense. Avoid making mistakes, such as clicking on links that come to you by email or mobile messages. It is essential not to click on any link, even if it seems important to us. That is precisely what cybercriminals use to scam.

It is also important to activate the two step authentication whenever possible. It is basically a second barrier that we can use in online accounts. If an intruder does manage to steal your password, for example with a Phishing attack, they will still need a second step to get in. That second step is usually a code that you receive by SMS or through an application. You can always detect intruders on social networks in case they manage to enter.

In short, as you can see, there are certain brands that are more used to launch Phishing attacks. It is important to be protected at all times and not fall into the trap. The goal is to keep passwords safe and prevent any intruders.

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