If you want to save, this you should know about your electricity bill

What to know about the electricity bill to save

Understand the fee Internet or mobile contracts are usually simple. Sometimes it is as simple as seeing the contracted speed, the available expenses or whether or not we have unlimited calls. But in the case of the electricity bill, there are factors that are not always so clear to customers. That makes it necessary to know them and thus manage to pay less.

kWh price

Something basic of the electricity rate is the kWh price. What is this exactly? It is the measure of electricity consumption and the price will be established in the invoice. For example, the sum of everything you plug into electricity for a month may result in a consumption of 300 kWh.

The exact price will depend on the rate, but currently we can say that it is around €0.20-0.25 kWh. That is the cost of each kWh consumed, so you would have to multiply it by 300, in the example we have given. But be careful, that does not mean that it is the only thing you should take into account.

Hired potency

Another important point is the hired potency. It is essential to choose well how much to hire, since the higher it is, the more you will pay. The normal thing is to have contracted a power between 4 and 5 kW. You may need more and you may even have less. Everything will depend on the number of people in the house, the number of devices you use, etc.

If, for example, you have contracted a power of 5.5 kW and really the peak that you have needed during that year has been 4, you would have 1.5 kW more than necessary contracted. On your invoice you can see what the peak of the last year has been and in this way see if you really need that much or you can reduce what you have contracted.

In addition, it is necessary to differentiate between valley and peak power. You will not necessarily have the same contract in both cases. You can choose a different power according to your needs. That will also help save.

Time discrimination or not

But if there is something key that you should take into account in your invoice, it is if you have time discrimination or not. In that case you can pay less at different hours. You can also look at that on the bill and it will depend on whether you have a regulated rate or not. In case you are in the regulated rate, you will always have hourly discrimination. On the other hand, at a free market rate, it may and may not, in addition to having different bands as options.

Therefore, check whether or not you have hourly discrimination and think about whether it is worth changing your rate. Perhaps you see that at certain hours you consume more and it also coincides with the hours in which you would pay less for electricity.

contracted extras

Although it is not something that always happens, it is possible that you have some extra hired and include it in the invoice. For example, paying an amount for maintenance voluntarily. Do you really need those extras? Without a doubt, they can provide certain advantages, but not for all clients they will be really necessary.

You should look carefully if you have hired any extra and think if you really need it. You can save a few euros a month on your electricity bill.

Check consumption

But something that cannot be missing is that you take a good look at the consumption What’s wrong. You can see if you spend more at certain hours, for example. This will help you better control consumption by knowing which rate is best for you. Choosing whether the time discrimination compensates you or not is key in these cases.

You can also take into account the specific consumption of some appliances. For example, knowing how much the washing machine, dishwasher, etc. This also helps you calculate if a rate with hourly discrimination compensates you and put those devices at those times and thus save money on the electricity bill.

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