If your Internet is bad, it’s not your fault, Cloudflare has not been working well since yesterday

It must be taken into account that cloudflare is one of the world’s leading servers, security services and content delivery companies. Many web pages depend on them. If there is a problem, those websites may have trouble functioning stably and offering users access.

Cloudflare, with problems

Cloudflare has indicated that some of its services are not working correctly. That may have impact on many platforms, so some users might have the feeling that their Internet is not working well. For a few hours now, they have been making periodic updates to show where this incident is.

At the moment, if you go to the Cloudflare incident website you can see that a box with different updates and where the problems are showing. They began investigating an issue with Cloudflare Dashboard and related APIs. This way, clients using these APIs may be affected.

It affects all services that depend on your API infrastructure. This includes alerts, the control panel, WARP, Zero Trust, Cloudflared, API Shield, among others. Requests may fail and error messages may appear. However, as indicated, these problems do not affect the stored file service.

All of this can affect the connections of users who may depend on any of these Cloudflare functions. This can translate into problems with stability, speed and quality of the connection. Therefore, if you have noticed that something is not right between yesterday and today, it could be due to these Cloudflare problems.

Internet at home

Work in progress

It should be mentioned that from Cloudflare they are working to get everything back to normal as soon as possible. It is hoped that in a few hours everything will be resolved and these functions will work correctly again, which will stop users who have experienced problems from having them.

These problems that are affecting Cloudflare may be present in a wide variety of Internet services. After all, Cloudflare is widely used by companies of all types. It can affect email platforms, e-commerce pages, etc. If problems of this type arise, it may be reflected in a loss of speed when opening a website or that certain services may not be available.

Ultimately, Cloudflare is experiencing problems. At the time of writing this article, those bugs had not yet been fixed. However, it is to be hoped that in a short time they will update their status website again and more recent information will appear with these problems solved. It may be the reason why the Internet is running slow.

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