If your mobile is filled with photos and videos, the cloud will help you with this

Using the cloud on mobile is very positive

We can say that we use the mobile for almost everything. We use it to be in contact with friends and family, surf the net, watch movies, search for information… We can also use it to open documents, edit them and even get to work with it. Surely the cloud becomes a good mobile ally.

free up space

A clear example of why cloud is especially useful on a mobile is to free up space. Unlike a computer, mobile phones have much more limited storage memory. Some even no longer have the possibility to expand it through a micro SD card.

What alternative do we have if we need save many files? Without a doubt the cloud comes really well. We will be able to free up mobile space at a given time and upload it to the cloud. For example, if we are traveling and we have taken many photos and videos and they no longer fit, we can upload them at any time.

Transfer files to other computers

It is also very useful to use the cloud on the mobile to be able to spend files to other devices. For example, if you need to send documents to the computer, you won’t need to use cables or remove physical memory. Basically what you do is use a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, you share them there and you can see it on another device.

This can even be faster than running it through cables, as it will work very slowly at times. It is a safe, comfortable and accessible method from anywhere simply by having access to the Internet.

Know if the cloud is secure

Access documents anywhere

Of course, another advantage is being able to access documents that you have saved From anywhere. With a computer, this is going to be more complicated, but you always take a mobile anywhere. If you use the cloud there, you can easily enter the platform you use and have access to all the content quickly.

With the mobile you will be able to connect to the Internet both through Wi-Fi networks and with mobile data. This makes it easier for you to have a connection and you can use many types of online services, among which we can name cloud storage. You will have much more flexibility.

Fast backups

One more advantage is that you can make a security copy quickly. It does not matter where you are, since you simply need to have an Internet connection. From there, you will only have to make a copy directly in the cloud and you will be able to preserve the files and avoid problems that may appear.

If, for example, you are traveling, you have taken many photos and videos and you do not want problems in case your mobile is lost or stolen, you will be able to make a copy at any time and preserve those files.

In short, as you can see, it is useful to use the cloud, especially on mobile. It has many advantages and you will be able to use many different services. Our advice is to avoid attacks in the cloud, always use a guarantee program and not have any type of problem that affects your privacy.

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