Impacts of Cloud Technology on Businesses

Over the past decade, innovative technology has continued to transform businesses worldwide. The most impactful innovations are solutions make it easier for businesses to operate online, which is known as cloud technology. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ways that cloud technology has impacted businesses in different industries. 

Live streaming 

Over the past few years, the demand for live streaming and video calling technology has increased exponentially. In turn, there are increasing numbers of cloud-based software that allow users to live stream, host webinars, make video calls, host live virtual events, attend meetings and conferences remotely, and more, transforming the way in which businesses can advertise and launch products, train members of staff, and communicate internally.  

One of the key influences of cloud technology on iGaming businesses is that it has allowed online casinos to host live games with real dealers on the Internet. Games use live dealer technology to broadcast the game to you through a virtual setting.

In other words, it allows you to play with real roulette croupiers for an authentic casino experience. In order to do so, live roulette at Paddy Power uses a combination of webcams, digital software, and RFID sensors, as well as a real wheel and a real ball. This allows players to experience games of roulette as though they are really there, but through a desktop computer or mobile device. 

This differs from most other virtual casino games, as it does not use random number generators (RNGs). Essentially, virtual games typically operate via software that utilizes several complex algorithms. These algorithms produce a randomized result, which is then translated into the animation on the platform. 

Instead, cloud technology is used to capture and stream a traditional game in real time, and offers an immersive virtual experience. But, it’s not just a livestream in the traditional sense – players can switch between different angles and place bets within the gameplay, allowing them to personalize and interact with the game in the way that best suits their tastes. As such, cloud technology allows online casinos to bring an authentic casino experience to players in the comfort of their own homes. 

Unified communications 

Unified communications (UC) is exactly what it sounds like – it is often cloud-hosted software that unifies all communications channels into one platform. Users simply log into the cloud-based portal, and they can make telephone calls, video calls, instant messages, emails, and more, from whatever device they so wish. 

With this in mind, UC can make a business’ infrastructure more scalable, and allow updates or upgrades to be quickly enacted, rather than limited by installing physical hardware. In addition, having everything in one place allows businesses to improve the efficiency of their communications and working practices. In fact, according to one study, businesses can improve productivity by 52%, efficiency by 45%, and increase profits by 25% by utilizing UC tools. 

To improve efficiency, cloud computing allows businesses to store large volumes of data, whilst also increasing accessibility. Data is stored online and can be processed from wherever the user resides, increasing operational efficiency and reducing administrative overheads.  And there you have it – just a few ways in which cloud technology has made a significant impact on the way businesses operate. 

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