Imperial Steam: new factories are born in Capstone Games

Capstone Games announced that it will soon launch on the market Imperial Steam, the new board game from Alexander Huemer (the same designer of Lignum).

Title artwork was done by Andreas Resch (Great Western Trail, Gùgong).

We recruit workers and expand economically with Imperial Steam

In Imperial Steam, the players, 2 to 4 ages 12 and up, are nineteenth-century Austrian factory owners who desperately need to increase the number of their employees working not only in their factories, but also on railroad lines under duress. The goal is to expand our networks to be able to successfully conclude the most profitable contracts.

Capstone stated that Huemer’s new title will be “a highly strategic economic and logistic game accessible to all”.

The industrial era is having its boom. You need workers for your factories and you also need workers to build railway tracks to expand your railway network.

This, in turn, will allow you to deliver goods from your factories to cities that are increasing in demand. But don’t forget to allocate part of your resources to the fulfillment of profitable public tenders, because when the connection with Trieste is completed, what matters is only your total assets.

Although the game is not yet available for purchase, it will be possible to pre-order the game directly on the publisher’s official website starting next August 1st.

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