IoT products – how to choose the right technology partner

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that relies on communication between specific devices to enable data gathering, exchange, and direct analysis. By bringing it into your business, you open up new opportunities for digital growth for your products.

IoT can be successfully leveraged to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of your business. This article covers the potential of this technology and how to select a technology partner to help you get it up and running.

Is it worth investing in IoT solutions?

According to experts, in 2020, the number of IoT devices in operation exceeded 31 billion, with 127 more being connected every second. The sophistication of individual networks is also on the rise, as more and more organizations opt to embark on the digital transformation.

The process of implementing IoT solutions takes a complex and challenging approach for engineers. Nevertheless, the prospect of innovation and potential benefits is so enticing that every year an increasing number of companies choose to seize the opportunity.

The growth of IoT is driven by global factors. The pandemic has ushered in changes in the way many business sectors operate and, in turn, opened up a new space in the market.

IoT solutions are finding their way into the smart building, automotive, healthcare, or industrial applications. Not only do they streamline the work of people or entire factories, but above all, they provide valuable data. When analyzed and processed properly, they hold the key to boosting the profitability of businesses.

As an experienced IoT solutions company, here at Solwit, we know exactly how to create an end-to-end IoT system so that valuable data is collected, processed, and utilized for the benefit of your business.

How to select a partner to implement IoT in your business

The market is abundant with companies that deliver IoT solutions.

To ease your decision-making and help you choose the right technology partner, we have compiled a list of the most essential elements to consider.

IoT knowledge and experience

Although it may sound obvious, this is by far the most important item. The team you pick needs to possess know-how and experience in implementing products with Internet of Things technology.

Based on a needs analysis, a reliable partner is expected to propose a solution dedicated to your company. While in this stage, take your time. Evaluate whether the company you are dealing with approaches you in a professional manner while demonstrating flexibility and understanding in adapting its services to your needs.

The better you scout a potential partner’s competencies, the more satisfying the final result.

Comprehensive implementation of IoT services

The company you choose will be faced with several main tasks. The first step is to analyze your needs in order to then create the software and provide the hardware for your product. The very next step will be to produce and test the system and the hardware in terms of communication with each other (with the application or the database on the server or in the cloud).

Once the software has been developed and tested, you should receive the complete documentation necessary to start producing the device on a larger scale. On top of this, a proven partner will guarantee your system maintenance and its development with new functionalities. For some industries, the whole process concludes with obtaining the necessary certification for the product. It is therefore crucial that your partner comes with experience in this area and can support you in the preparation of the relevant documents.

When seeking the right partner, be sure you can count on their support and the experience of a dedicated team at every stage. Prior implementations for other clients in your industry may be a sound selection criterion.

Solwit has been transforming businesses through custom software development solutions for over a decade and is one of the few companies in Poland with a comprehensive approach to implementations in this area.

Software testing

The software developed on your behalf must undergo thorough testing, both in terms of functionality and cyber security. It is advisable to find a partner with competence in the broad field of software testing. It would also be a good idea to check whether the company you choose boasts experience certified by ISTQB, an organization that is committed to the quality of the testing competencies of its engineers.

Bear in mind that the product you deliver to your customers needs to be functional and hacker-proof.


The right technology partner is the one who will provide you with infrastructure support. We’re not only talking about integration with your company’s existing systems and applications, but also connecting them to new IoT devices. The whole thing needs to be configured so that you have access to the complete information and data stored in the cloud.

Speaking of the cloud – it is essential to leverage the potential of IoT. Your technology partner here is expected to support you in setting up your cloud service architecture and maintaining it.

The cloud service provider shall adapt the tools to your company’s processes and, if needed, guide you through the migration to the cloud. The whole process should conclude with a workshop on how to capture and use the data flowing from IoT devices in your business.


Well-configured IoT devices will flow with data, the use of which will push your business to the next level of growth. The role of the company you will work with is to set up clear dashboards that will allow you to analyze the collected data in real-time. This will undoubtedly enhance the effectiveness of your forecasts or business decisions.

Keep in mind – if your goal is to create an IoT device for everyday use, the system should be integrated with apps such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT. This will enable your customers to control their devices remotely, e.g., via a mobile app or by voice.

Summing It Up

When choosing the right technology partner to create an IoT solution for your business, be sure to select a software house that takes an end-to-end approach. This is a very big decision, so make sure the company in question has relevant experience, works with proven hardware manufacturers, can test both the software and the entire device, and most importantly – has successfully developed such solutions in the past.

Today’s world calls more for companies to keep up with new technologies and not so much to meet customer demands, as to anticipate and create them. We are well aware this can be quite a challenge. As a technology partner, we believe that every product and every business can be smart. Following this approach, we provide dedicated solutions for companies in various industries. We develop and test full IoT systems, starting with embedded software, backend and analytics, and ending with mobile or web applications. We put a strong emphasis on the security of solutions and their quality, striving to support you at every stage of product development along with its subsequent maintenance. – Piotr Wierski, Head of Test and Embedded BU, Solwit – software development company.

A reliable partner will have no issues whatsoever in supporting you to obtain the relevant certifications.

Are you looking for a technology partner to co-develop or build a complete IoT-enabled product with you? Get in touch and arrange a free consultation on

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