Is Bondic Glue Any Good?

You’ve probably heard of bondic glue and wondered if it’s good. Most people are more familiar with traditional glues and superglue. However, the emergence of bondic glue is dividing opinions among the customers.

Is bondic glue any good? Bondic glue is pretty good and easy to use. It works on different materials and dries fast. Bondic glue is a great alternative to superglue and other traditional glues. It creates permanent bonds and seals without messes.

The opinion about bondic glue is that it comes in handy in situations where other glues have failed. It is a complete welding kit with a UV light and the liquid plastic glue.

Let’s dive in and learn more about bondic glue.

What is Bondic Glue?

Is Bondic Glue Any Good

Bondic glue is an efficient and innovative plastic glue with liquid plastic that solidifies to create bonds. It is an alternative glue that works on plastic materials, wood and metal.

The glue is different from traditional glues and developed with the idea of dental glue. It looks similar to the dental device that dentists use to seal dentals. This is the first liquid plastic welder that works on a variety of surfaces.

The glue kit is small and comes in the shape of a pen. It also features a built-in UV-light that aids in the glue-drying process. The UV-light bulb is powered by a battery and helps reinforce the glue applied on surfaces.

Bondic glues on surfaces work similar to traditional glues. However, the additional UV-light helps create a more permanent bond. It is a very effective glue that will not break easily.

Is bondic glue any good?

Without a doubt, bondic glue is exceptional. How bondic works makes it excellent compared to traditional glues and superglue. The glue restores broken surfaces with reparation sealing objects permanently.

In life, accidents are unavoidable and can break some of the most precious items. In most cases, you don’t want to part with the broken items because of its cost or emotional attachment.

The solution for most people is a quick fix using superglue. Despite the strong adhesive properties, superglue creates a thin bond which can break easily. Superglue is also sticky and can create a mess on your fingers.

The solution is bondic glue which joins broken parts and comes part of the material it’s repairing. It works in the same manner welders fix metal parts.

Traditional glues are effective for small repair tasks like joining a broken toy, plastic bottle, etc. However, bondic glue can adjust adhesive strengths and create bonds in milling, sanding and polishing jobs.

The fact that bondic glue seals broken objects without showing marks. It leaves objects looking new after repairs. You can also use it even when plastic bottles are wet. Furthermore, bondic glue joints can withstand high temperatures of -40 degrees C to 150 degrees C.

Traditional glues start melting at much lower temperatures than bondic glue. This just goes to show how good bondic glue is compared to traditional glues and even superglue in some cases.

Different Ways To Use Bondic Glue

Is Bondic Glue Any Good

Bondic glue is quite effective and the only alternative to a 3D printer. It can fill and seal a broken part leaving objects looking new. Bondic glue can even replace a missing part. It’s more like molding a new part.

Bondic glue can be used in many ways. You can fix a wobbly leg of a bookshelf, table or desk. Is the cover of your favorite novel coming apart? You can use bondic glue to fix the cover.

Below are different ways you can use bondic glue.

  • Fill gaps in items
  • Make new molds to replace parts
  • Replace and fix broken car parts
  • Insulate wires
  • Repair minor leaks in pipes
  • Reduce strain on items
  • Create bonds in places where traditional glue cannot work
  • Repair a damaged plastic piece

These are just a few of the places where you can use bondic glue. Bondic glue is an excellent product that hardens fast and creates strong bonds.

It is versatile and can work on products with varying colors. The product dries creating a clear finish.

What is Included in the Bondic Glue Basic Kit

The best thing about bondic glue is that it comes with everything you need to seal broken parts. A basic kit includes the following:

  • The liquid adhesive for welding
  • Applicator kit
  • Ultraviolet light wand
  • Carrying case

The most important things in the set are the liquid welding adhesive and UV light. However, the applicator kit makes the application process easier. A carrying case also ensures you store the kit safely and carry it anywhere.

Bondic Glue Features

Is Bondic Glue Any Good

So, what are some of the top features and benefits of bondic glue? Below are some top bondic glue features.

Super-resistance: Bondic glue creates bonds that are strong and long-lasting. The liquidief solution dries and hardens creating a long-lasting bond. You can be sure the bond will not break easily.

Versatility: The bondic glue offers excellent versatility. You can apply it on multiple surfaces like wood, metal and plastic without any issues. It’s versatility is an outstanding feature that makes it a top choice for most projects.

Convenient and easy to use: Unlike super glue or traditional glue, bondic glue is pretty simple and easy to use. It comes with an applicator tip to avoid touching the glue. The glue is not sticky on fingers and delivers excellent results in seconds.

Never dries out: You don’t have to worry about bondic glue ever drying out in storage. You can store it for up to a year without any worries. However, traditional glue and super glue dry pretty fast once opened. This usually leads to wastage when you want to use a small amount and store the rest for future use.

The Pros and Cons of Bondic Glue


  • Bondic glue provides solid and efficient bonds in seconds
  • Dries clears, therefore, works for different color materials
  • Little preparation work
  • Easy to apply
  • 100% waterproof and safe
  • Versatile and works on most surfaces
  • Does not make fingers sticky and messy
  • Portable and easy to use anywhere
  • Remains liquid and ready to use for up to a year in storage


Might not work on all materials

Requires a UV-source light

Final Verdict

Still wondering if bondic glue is any good? Bondic glue is one of the fewest adhesives on the market that can work on any job. It is versatile and solidifies fast. The glue is efficient and dries fast without creating a mess on your hands.

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