Is it advisable to put a screen saver on the Mac?

Macs are extremely expensive equipment and any protection you have with them is insufficient, since when you buy this type of device, you are looking for a computer designed to work and carry out your professional activity and any breakage can break the planning of the week. For this reason, from La Manzana Mordida we have asked ourselves the following question: Is a screen saver necessary on our Mac? In this article we are going to analyze it.

For MacBooks yes, for Macs not so much

The decision to put a screen protector on your MacBook largely depends on the use that you give it and your work habits. In this sense, if your MacBook is a computer with which you work on the move and you are always going from one place to another, it may be advisable to have a protective cover to prevent scratches or damage.

Also depending on the type of job you have, its need or not comes into play. In activities like archaeologist or certain engineering trades, where the constant presence of ceramic or dust from the works can cause scratches on a screen, so, if necessary, have that additional protection. Remember that if your MacBook receives this type of damage, the screen replacement is completethere is no mechanism to mitigate the effects of scratches or dust, so unless you have AppleCare, the repair can have a very high price and hence the importance of a good protector.

Finally, you have to evaluate if in the future you are going to sell the equipment, the constant presence of scratches or accumulated dirt on the chassis can greatly devalue the price. So if you have a job that is prone to it, a protective sleeve will be great for the future.


Of course, we cannot forget that Mac screens are recognized for their resistance and quality, but they are not immune to damage. An unexpected blow, a fall or wear caused by having a job that invites it, it is advisable to have a screen protector, above all, because it can cause a extra layer of security and help you to keep your Mac screen in the best possible condition.

Negative aspects of the screen saver

We have seen that having a screen saver It can be interesting depending on certain situations. However, depending on the type and quality Whichever screen protector you choose, you may experience a decrease in the display quality of the content on the screen, because it is too thick. Also, if not done correctly, it can cause bubbles of air that affect the display and aesthetics of your Mac.

Therefore, in the event that you are going to use a screen protector on your Mac, the most recommended are those of tempered glass, They typically offer the best protection and preserve viewing quality. Also, many of them come with installation kits that facilitate the process and reduce the probability of errors.

In short, screen savers can be necessary or unnecessary depending on your individual circumstances and the workflow that each person needs. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and have the security that a team that is worth a lot of money is protected.

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