Is it possible to remove a virus without antivirus?

Remove viruses manually

Keep in mind that what we are going to see does not replace an antivirus and that in many cases it will not be possible. However, for certain security threats, we could use one of these steps that we are going to mention and we will ensure that our system is clean.

Use task manager

The first thing is to use the Windows task manager. This feature shows us everything is running. We will see the different processes of the system, programs that we have open, etc. But we can also see a virus or any malicious process that may be running.

We have to press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del and go to Task Manager. There, in the tab Processes, we will look for the one that may be problematic and close it. In addition, we can click the right mouse button and click Go to file location. In this way we can eliminate it.

Directly delete suspicious files

Have you downloaded something recently and that has caused an error in the system? This is very common when downloading a program from the Internet or any file when we access pages that are not secure. It is important to know how to identify them in order to erase them before it is too late.

Just go to the discharge path and delete that file. In case it is a program that we have installed, we would have to go to the Windows Control Panel, Applications and uninstall it there. This may not be enough, but without antivirus you could eliminate some threats with this method.

Uninstall add-ons

Something similar can happen with accessories that we install in some programs or the browser itself. If, for example, you have installed an extension for Chrome and suddenly you see that strange search bars and the like have started to appear, it is very likely that it is that complement.

What we will do in this case is simply uninstall that plugin completely. This must be done in Chrome, Firefox or any program beyond the browsers. Hopefully that will just remove those bars or pop-ups that have started to pop up.

Windows MRT

One more option is to use the MRT function Windows. It is a malicious software removal tool from Microsoft. It is capable of detecting and eliminating certain viruses and threats, without actually being an antivirus. We have to go to Start and there write MRT. We run the tool.

We have to click Next and then click on Complete analisis. This can take a few minutes, according to our team. Once this is done, in case it detects threats we can eliminate them from the system.

Ultimately, there are options to remove viruses without antivirus. With this we do not mean that it is a good idea to have the system without protection, but in case of need you can see that there are some alternatives for certain cases. There are important features of the antivirus that we will not be able to supply.

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