Is it worth buying a Pellet boiler to heat the house?

Pellet boilers to heat a house

With the increase in the price of gas and electricity, many have looked for alternatives to heat a home. One of the most present options is to have a pellet boiler. Basically it is a ecological fuel, formed mainly by remains of sawdust. It has a dense composition and that makes it profitable on paper to start up a boiler.

But of course, when something becomes popular and the demand increases, the price starts to get more expensive. In fact, according to OCU reports, the kilo of pellets has risen 67% compared to last year. Without a doubt, a more than significant increase and that makes many rethink whether it is really worth it or not. Currently, a kg is around €0.50, while a few years ago you could buy it for more or less half.

To the price of a kilogram of pellets, we must logically add the cost of a boiler. It is undoubtedly an important investment, since the minimum price is usually around €2,000. Therefore, if you already have a gas or electricity boiler and you are considering changing it for a pellet one, as is the price of the necessary material, in addition to the investment in the boiler, it is difficult for it to really compensate you.

However, it is clear that it is a long-term investment And if the current costs of gas and electricity continue to rise, then it could be an option to consider. Logically, we do not know if the price per kg of pellets will continue to rise as well, so this should be taken into account.

Analyze each case

Therefore, we can say that it is worthwhile or not to use a pellet boiler depending on the case. You’ll have to analyze several factors, as is the consumption you have per year in the gas or electric boiler. That will help you better calculate if it pays you to buy a pellet boiler and when it would start to be profitable.

You should also analyze if you have a old gas boiler and you will have to change it soon. For example, if you have a gas boiler with a certain age and it is not condensing, then you can opt for this alternative.

You should also keep in mind that if you have a gas boiler, there are certain fixed prices that you will have to maintain. Even if you are on the regulated rate, which is the cheapest, there is a fixed cost per month that you have to pay (around €11) even in the summer months and you do not need to turn on the boiler. In the case of the pellet boiler this does not happen.

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