Is it worth using temporary emails to receive and send emails?

One of the most used services today to maintain contact with other people or receive information is email. It offers us great versatility since we can use it from any place, device or operating system. Undoubtedly, one of the most important enemies of e-mail is spam or junk mail. These are messages that we have not requested, they end up causing us a waste of time and end up sneaking into our inbox. To avoid evils of this type, alternatives are being sought. In this article we are going to talk about whether it is worth using temporary emails.

The first thing we are going to do is explain what a temporary email is and what advantages its use brings us. Then we will explain how we can do good management of our email accounts to avoid Spam. Finally, we are going to use temporary emails by putting a couple of examples.

What is a temporary mail and advantages

We usually have accounts on platforms email traditional that we use in our day to day as for example Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook. However, in recent times a new type of e-mail has gained some relevance. When we talk about a temporary mail we refer to the one that we can create without the need to require prior registration. Like the traditional ones, they are also offered free of charge, but they differ above all in that they have a certain duration.

When we are going to use temporary emails, we have to take into account its characteristics:

  1. Its duration is limited in time.
  2. Once the term of validity expires, and we will no longer be able to use it again.

Its main advantages are that it gives us privacy by not having to give our personal e-mail and it will help reduce spam from our traditional email accounts.

Tips for managing our e-mail accounts

A good way to manage our email accounts would be to have several to use depending on the subject. That is why it would be advisable to use at least three types of accounts. For example, we could opt for a strategy like this:

  1. Exclusive mail for work.
  2. E-mail for our private affairs, family, friends and contracted services.
  3. Mail to request information in which we can risk receiving spam. This would be for dodgy things and promotions, for example.

However, in some situations we see that it is quite likely that they will send us Spam. On those occasions, even if it is our third account, using temporary emails can save us a lot of time so we do not have to delete junk emails later.

How to use temporary emails

We have already seen that using temporary emails in certain situations can be beneficial for us. In this aspect, in addition to saving us time cleaning our inbox, we will also avoid the stress generated by carrying out this task. Now we are going to show how to use temporary emails with two practical examples. One of the easiest to use is Temp Mailif we click on the link we enter the web and the email that has been generated will appear on the main screen.

The red arrow points to the new temporary email address and below is the inbox. After having used this e-mail address here we will receive the queries that we make. Another one we can use as well is Guerrilla Mail and to do so you just have to click on the previous link. Then we will see a screen like this:

A peculiarity of this account that we have created in Guerrilla Mail, is that it will expire after 60 minutes. Our email is the one indicated by the red arrow and in this case it can be edited up to certain limits to our liking.

In summary, using temporary emails can be beneficial both for our privacy and to avoid spam. Here you have more examples to create temporary emails and send anonymous emails.

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