Is your VPN cut off? Discover the main causes

Why the VPN is not working well

Yes the VPN is cut it is possible that we stay without connection. For example, it may happen that we use this type of program to watch Netflix or any similar platform while we are traveling abroad. The problem is that we will need to connect to Spanish servers to see that content and, in case it is cut, we will not be able to see it.

Limited program

This is the main cause without a doubt. It happens when we use a limited program or that directly works badly and it will not allow us to have a good connection. If we are using a free app, this is very common.

Generally free VPNs are going to be very limited. Sometimes we can notice it in the speed, but we could also have cuts or even stop working permanently. But in addition to these visible flaws, it can also be a security problem since they use them to collect user data.

Bad server

Are you connected to a good server? VPNs usually have many servers available, although the free versions are more limited. It is very important that we choose one that works well and we can even try several until we see that one of them is faster and more stable.

Most likely if the VPN is cut it is due to server. We can always choose any other from the list that we have available. Now, once again we can run into the problem of free programs and their limitations.

Internet connection is not good

Maybe the problem is not with the VPN, but with the VPN itself Internet connection that we are using. Is there good Wi-Fi coverage? Are we using a mobile through data and is the signal good? This must be looked at very well to get it to work perfectly.

In the event that, for example, we are connected to a Wi-Fi with a very weak signal, if we connect to a VPN, outages and problems will be very frequent. We can always improve the Internet connection by connecting by cable or using Wi-Fi repeaters. Sometimes there may even be other programs consuming the Internet.

Antivirus or firewall interfering?

Another point to prevent the VPN from disconnecting from the network is to see if there may be an antivirus or firewall that we have installed and that are causing problems. These types of programs sometimes interfere with connections, especially when we surf from a VPN or proxy.

Although it is very important to always be protected, we must also make sure that they will function properly. It is necessary to avoid errors in the configuration, blockages of programs that should not be blocked, etc. All this will also help to avoid failures if we browse through a VPN.

Therefore, these are some of the main reasons why a VPN does not work well. The main thing will be to choose the program well, but also to be connected to a good server or to check that other applications do not interfere.

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