Kali Linux 2022.1: know what’s new

The Kali Linux distribution is one of the most popular and used to perform computer security audits or perform tests on computers. With each new version they include different performance improvements, tools and new features. In this article we are going to talk about KaliLinux 2022.1the latest version that has just come out and the first of the four that it usually launches each year.

Changes in Kali Linux 2022.1

One of the main changes that this Linux distribution has incorporated for ethical hacking has to do with the visual aspect. It has updated wallpapers and the GRUB theme. In addition, it includes visual enhancements to improve readability when copying code, which was one of the developers’ demands. Chromium and Firefox browsers have had a home page makeover.

On the other hand, another significant change is a extensive SSH support. It is a distribution to carry out tests oriented to computer security. Therefore, in this case it is convenient to have access to algorithms and ciphers that are older and may be obsolete. Therefore, Kali Linux 2022.1, unlike other distributions that disable these algorithms in SSH to avoid problems, offers the possibility of expanding the options.

This results in tools from Kali Linux being able to communicate using outdated algorithms and methods. Ultimately, you will be able to connect to older SSH servers that may be using those protocols. Of course, since these are algorithms that are not secure today, they are not enabled by default.

Kali Linux new tools

As usually happens with each new version, it also includes a series of new tools that we can use in this distribution. All of them are oriented towards computer security and being able to carry out penetration tests to detect possible vulnerabilities in other systems and devices.

In total there are six new tools that have been incorporated. We are going to show what each one consists of in a summarized way:

  • dnsx: It is a DNS toolkit that allows you to perform multiple queries in a simple and fast way.
  • email2phonenumber: This tool is used to check to what extent your privacy may be compromised on the network simply by knowing your e-mail. Specifically, it is responsible for displaying the phone number linked to an email.
  • naabu: With naabu we are dealing with a fast port scanner, which focuses on simplicity and speed.
  • nucleus: In this case we are dealing with a targeted scanning tool based on templates.
  • PoshC2: used to detect proxy servers that can be exploited and thus learn how to improve security.
  • proxy: is a multifunction tool for capturing, manipulating, and replaying HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

On the other hand, it also includes ARM support improvements. They have improved compatibility by fixing some bugs and also by adding additional packages. They have added feroxbuster, ghidra and improved Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi.

From RedesZone we recommend update to the new version. It is something that we must do whenever there is a new one available, either from a distribution of this type or some program. It is not only good for new tools or improvements, but also to correct possible problems and vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

In the case of Kali Linux, you can go to the official website and download the new version. It is also possible to update it directly from the OS, if you already have the previous version installed.

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