Keep an eye on your home with these super deals on Wi-Fi cameras

We show you a series of offers interesting to monitor a home or office with Wi-Fi cameras. We are going to explain the main characteristics of each device. We will also see some routers and devices to improve wireless coverage that we can find at a reduced price in Amazon. As always, we divide the products into different sections to make it easier to read and better find the devices.

Wi-Fi camera deals on Amazon

The Wi-Fi cameras They are very useful if we want to monitor a home, an office or any specific place. There are both exterior and interior and you have to take into account their specifications, since they can change a lot from one to another. For example, there are those that detect movement, have night vision or there are also differences in terms of recording quality.

Nikkei CAM2

  • Full HD 1080p recording
  • Motion sensor
  • Control via app
  • Night mode
  • Easy setup
  • Sale price: 24.99 euros.

Imou IP Camera

Imou IP Camera

  • 1080p recording
  • Privacy mode
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Sound detection
  • Sale price: 29.99 euros.


Netvue IP Camera

  • 1080p recording
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Sale price: 25.49 euros.

Imou IPC-G22P IP Camera

Imou IP Camera

  • 1080p recording
  • Waterproof IP67
  • 30 meter night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Sale price: 42.49 euros.

Xiaomi 2K Pro

Xiaomi 2K

  • 2K recording
  • Privacy feature
  • Motion detection
  • Dual microphone with noise cancellation
  • Sale price: 44.99 euros.

Routers on offer

We also want to show some routers that we can find on sale on Amazon. Sometimes it is interesting to change the one that comes with the operator that we have contracted and thus achieve better coverage or speed. There are many options and we must look at some parameters such as the number of Gigabit ports, whether or not it is dual band, the maximum speed, etc. When detecting cuts in the Wi-Fi sometimes we see that it is due to the router.

TP-Link Archer C6

  • Dual Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Four external antennas
  • Speed ​​up to 1200 Mbps
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Sale price: 39.98 euros.

ASUS RT-AX11000 ROG Rapture

  • 10 Gigabit Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Speed ​​up to 11000 Mbps
  • Four Ethernet ports
  • USB ports
  • Sale price: 416 euros.


  • Dual Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Three external antennas
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports
  • Speed ​​up to 2900 Mbps
  • Sale price: 114.95 euros.

Tenda AC10

Tenda ac10 router

  • Dual Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Speed ​​up to 1200 Mbps
  • Four external antennas
  • Control via app
  • Sale price: 28.48 euros.

Devices to improve Wi-Fi on offer

There are also offers on some Wi-Fi repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC devices. All these devices allow us to improve wireless coverage and avoid annoying cuts when we connect via Wi-Fi. Let’s take a look at some of the best options available. It is always important to locate the Wi-Fi repeaters well.

TP-Link RE450

  • Dual band Wi-Fi repeater
  • Three external antennas
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Smart signal light
  • Sale price: 46.99 euros.

Netgear Orbi RBK353

Netgear Orbi RBK353

  • Wi-Fi Mesh system with three devices
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Covers an area of ​​300 square meters
  • Speed ​​up to 1800 Mbps
  • Allows you to connect more than 30 devices
  • Sale price: 384.99 euros.

Tenda PH6

Tenda PH6

  • Kit of two PLC devices
  • Integrated power connector
  • Power saving mode
  • Plug and play
  • Easy installation
  • Sale price: 35.99 euros.

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