Know these pages of the Deep Web that Google will not show you

Best pages that do not appear in Google

Keep in mind that there are many websites that do not appear in search engines and we have only made a selection. In order to access these pages, or at least most of them, you will need to install the Tor browser and thus be able to enter onion sites that don’t work in traditional browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

DuckDuckGo Onion Seeker

The first page that we want to show is a classic of the Deep Web: the Onion search engine of DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is an alternative to Google that you can use from any browser, but it also has an Onion version. The URL to access changes, so it is not possible to put one in the article. However, it is as simple as entering this search engine from Tor and putting DuckDuckGo onion.

Once inside, a button will appear at the top to enter the Onion version of the browser. You just click and it will automatically take you there. The operation and appearance is the same as any other search engine.

DuckDuckGo Onion

The Hidden Wiki

This page is also essential to enter the Deep Web. We can say that it is a kind of compilation where you will see links to many sites. For example, you will also see the DuckDuckGo link that we saw earlier, as well as other search engines and websites of all kinds.

You will be able to access the Hidden Wiki list from any browser, but you will not be able to access the websites. In that case you would have to use the Tor browser and now you can open the corresponding links and no errors appear. you will find one lots of urls available.

Onion version of ProtonMail

ProtonMail is one of the most popular email providers when it comes to maintaining privacy. Based in Switzerland, it is an alternative to other options like Outlook or Gmail. It offers features like hiding IP address, so privacy is safe. It also has its own Onion version.

You can see the information for using ProtonMail from Tor on their website. However, through The Hidden Wiki you will also see the specific URL and thus preserve your data without problems.

Onion version of ProtonMail


This page is mainly used by news media to receive information anonymously. It is used by big names like Al Jazeera, New York Times or Huffington Post. In this way, a person can send information or news without putting their security at risk.

To use it you have to enter the URL from Tor. It will automatically redirect you to the Onion address and you can start using this service. You can see a lot of media, as well as information about privacy and security.

Onion Share

Do you want to share files with other people in complete safety? There are many online platforms to upload documents and have another remote user download them. However, with Onion Share you will maintain privacy at all times. One more way to upload files to the Internet and avoid problems.

You can enter its website and see everything you need to start uploading files and sharing them with third parties with total privacy. There you will find all the necessary information regarding its operation.

All in all, these are some interesting pages that you can use on the Deep Web that Google won’t show you. As you have seen, it is necessary to have the Tor browser to be able to open Onion sites without problems. You can see the differences between Deep Web, Dark Web and Darknet.

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