Men’s fashion on Instagram: this is how you dress in style

What accounts do men follow on Instagram?

That that men are not interested in is something that remained in the past. For many years now, especially with this social networks, there are many users who show through their social profiles their “looks”, recommendations, news from the catalog of a brand and much more content related to men’s fashion .

To give you an idea, some are more of the conventional style, others opt (usually younger ones) for casual fashion or, even, as good fashionistas, some users are more dedicated to showing the most daring outfits that you you can imagine.

What we have no doubt is that, if you like the topic of fashion, among all the accounts that we will show you below, you will be able to take more than one interesting idea.

Best Instagram accounts about men’s fashion

As we told you, below we have compiled a list of some of the best accounts that you can follow if you are a lover of men’s fashion. There are all kinds: from looks more extravagant until outfits more casual or minimalist.

Pelayo Diaz (@pelayodiaz)

The first account that we want to recommend is that of Pelayo Diaz. This user who comes from Asturias began by founding his own fashion blog called “Kate Loves Me”, and then climbed the ladder to become one of the Spanish references within Instagram. It has also made its way through television shows and front rows of some of the most press run shows. What stands out the most about him are the original combinations he makes, mixing different brands and styles that practically no one would think of. Some of his favorite brands are Hermès, Uniqlo, Loewe or Dior. Pelayo is currently followed by days 1 million users within this social network.

Paul Binam (@paulbinam_)

However, if your style is somewhat simpler and more minimalist, surely you would be interested in following the account of Paul Binam. You will not see this user from Paris with extravagant shirts, brightly colored pants or leopard accessories, his style is much flatter with pastel tones. But, at the same time, it has an image that transmits calm and a taste for its combinations. Something quite far from what would be the typical Parisian looks, taking into account its origin. Paul is already followed by more than 100,000 people on his Instagram account.

By Calitos (@bycalitos_official)

Another different style that may suit your tastes is the one transmitted to us By Calitos through his Instagram account. This young youtuber is one of the most recognized streetwear fashion profiles in Spain. If you want to know what is fashionable today and, possibly, it will be soon, we recommend that you follow this profile with more than 330,000 followers in this social network. Among the brands that By Calitos uses the most, we find Supreme, The North Face, Burberry, Heron Preston and some others. If you are a young man who wants to dress in fashion, you should follow him and take note of his outfits.

Manuel Ordovas (@mordovas)

Something more classic is the style that shows us Manuel Ordovas through this social network in your account. If you need any ideas to improve your wardrobe, this account can be a great source of inspiration, mixing earth colors, white, gray and green. No flashy clothes, Manuel is all elegance. Your account is followed by 61,000 followers On Instagram.

Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla)

Who is not exactly new in this world of fashion is Adam gallagher. He started from a very young age with a blog and, currently, through this social network, he is dedicated to showing very interesting combinations of clothes to be fashionable with that casual look style that he likes so much in recent years. Despite having very few publications, it already amasses almost 2 million followers via Instagram.

Phil Cohen (@ thepacman82)

Another of the super interesting accounts, and different, that you should already know if you like the world of fashion is that of Phil Cohen. It is a highly versatile profile with a long history in the world of fashion and as an art director, which is his profession. Then, through his Instagram profile, he shares his different combinations to dress in a way that has been very striking: a combination of Reels and product photography in which he makes compositions with his outfits. Combinations of all kinds and adapted to many styles so that each user can find their own. Although that yes, do not expect jacket suits or clothes like that, theirs are more flatlays looks. Phil Cohen is already followed by more than 820,000 people through this social network.

Manu Rios (@manurios)

Surely, even if you are not an insider in the world of fashion, the face of Manu Rios, since he has been one of the star actors in the last season of the Elite series on Netflix. In addition to being an actor, this young influencer of only 22 years is one of the most popular accounts dedicated to fashion in our country with his almost 10 million followers On Instagram. Among his publications we can see some of the best brands in the world of fashion such as Dios, Etro, AMI Paris or Nike.

RareTrio (@raretrio)

One of the most curious profiles that you can follow is that of Rare Trio, which stars three friends named Eric Rudi and Andi. These three Germans are quite well known in today’s fashion world in their country. Through their account on this social network, they share ideas of different types of outfits that are in line with how young people usually dress today. Simple but attractive looks, with jackets, shirts, high socks and many more accessories. Your account is already followed by more than 120,000 users within Instagram.

Moti Ankari (@motiankari)

Something more classic and elegant is the style that shows us Moti Ankari through his Instagram account. This Israeli man gives us ideas to dress with garments that are perfectly combined and whose outfits are overflowing with elegance and good taste. She also shares lots of ideas and news about fashion through the blog “The Metro Man”. Your account is followed by almost 200,000 people currently and rising day by day.

Erik Forsgren (@ erik.forsgren)

Finally, we want to recommend the account of Erik Forsgren, the most fashionable father you will find through this social network. Among his publications you can get many ideas about flatly outfits, with light and dark colors, combining jackets, more classic pants and a large number of styles that could be interesting. Erik is followed today by 290,000 persons on Instagram.

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